Plus ultra

A leader without a vision is nothing but a manger who’s about to lose his job. And I’m not kidding — a majority of our workforce is blind! I’ll be blunt here — people are inherently motivated by who and what they love. That could be a job, relationship and definitely your (or the organisation […]

Aim for clarity to gain clarity

Had quite a productive coaching session with one of my peers this afternoon. I think I hit all the markers from an evaluation and/or observational point of view except that I let the measure of success for the session remain vague. Now, irrespective of whether the objective(s) of the session were met as coaches we […]

Your “voice” is not on sale

Everyone seems to be creating content. Not that anything’s wrong with that but I’d argue close to 90% of the content that’s created has anything to do with the creator or providing true value to the target audience. The 10% (and that’s a massive number given the billion plus pieces of content created every day) […]

An unexpected switchover

Some of you already know this — I’ve been trying to do a form of “writing everyday” for the past few years (4-5 years, give it take a few months). And each time I’ve struggled to keep my own promise. I’d start, only to stop the next day letting myself drown in other people’s priorities […]

Reassessing priorities

Everyone’s got to do that. Every year. Every month. Every week. Every day would be even so darn better! Why? Because farther our priorities are from us, farther we drift away from it. And it just happens. There’s a reason why people journal everyday. It keeps them grounded among a dozen other great things it […]

Want to go fast? Go alone.

I’m a huge fan of quick and simple advice. Particularly the kind that cuts through all the BS and gets to the point. One of the most frequent questions I hear often is from desperate start-ups or wantreprenuers who want to “scale” faster. And my response usually leans towards better collaboration and creating valuable content […]

Lousy days

They’re inevitable. There’s just no escaping. Even for the productivity outcasts! In fact, they’re the ones who’ll be hit the most. And I’ll be honest — this post is more for me than anyone else who’ll be reading this. Why? Because I hate wasting a day. Despite the fact that I know it’s wishful thinking […]

Stronger, bolder, sooner…

Reconnected with a close friend of mine after a long time. Picked up our conversation right where we’d left — a space of our own to train people who’re serious about Strength Training and/or Powerlifting. It’s been one of the BIG goals that I’ve had for quite some time. And surprisingly, it just may all […]