Hold on to it… but not too tight!

I don’t know about you but I love kettlebells. They’re simple and versatile. And since I hate running, I use kettlebells for metabolic conditioning or “metcons.” Just two simple exercises: the one-arm swing and the double-arm swing. That’s it! Purists may discard these are “not-so-effective” compared to their fancy exercises… but then they’ve never really […]

Macro patience, micro speed

I know that you know that I absolutely dig Gary Vaynerchuk! He resonates with me, my philosophy in life and a couple of more reasons: he’s practical he hits you hard (bonus) he doesn’t give a damn what you think about him! Last night I bumped into this piece (from Gary’s entry) in Tim Ferriss’ […]

The why behind the “WHY”

Had an interesting conversation with a group last evening, on why asking a coachee “why” specific questions isn’t the most effective strategy. For example: why did you do that? The rationale is pretty simple, “why” questions put the coachee (or anyone else for that matter) in the spotlight. And guess how they would react? Of course, they’ll […]

On being “gifted”

Over the past few years, I’ve met a scarily high number of people who’re so gifted! It’s hard to not get envious. They’ve got the brains to work on the next BIG idea that’s going to transform the way we do things. They’re highly opinionated. And they’re ambitious. But there’s one thing that concerns me… […]

The “Maker vs Manager” schedule

Paul Graham, the most influential hacker-philosopher of our era introduced the concept of a maker’s schedule and a manager’s schedule in 2009. Shane Parish has an updated version of this concept at the Farnam Street blog. Essentially, the concept is super-simple — we’re all either makers or managers. And if you’re a solopreneur, a creative entrepreneur or […]