The perfect “routine” for you

You know what everyone’s up to these days? Studying the wealthy and successful’s daily routines. And that’s so nice! It’s heartwarming for people to finally catch up to the “success leaves clues” adage. I’m a firm believer of routines. And been experimenting with that for the past 15 years myself. Starting with the popular “5’o […]


My friend and I were chatting about her experience of unlearning all that she was learning to be an effective coach. And irrespective of the kind of coaching (work/life/business/executive/leadership/youth/sports) you do, the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of your progress and growth as a coach is almost always your expertise. It’s like carrying […]

Fix it before it’s too late

I was listening to Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week. And boy, I was blown away! I first read an article about Jordan in The Atlantic. Got a little confused but didn’t’ go in deep to know more about Jordan. My bad. But thankfully, he appeared on Joe’s and James Altucher’s podcasts. There are […]

Why learn to write copy?

Confession: I wouldn’t ever classify myself as a copywriter. Not even a competent one. Though I did my share of copywriting when I was beginning my career in marketing and communications. My first job as a PR assistant at a local transportation agency taught me a lot about marketing, sales and persuading people using words. […]

Corruption. An opportunity?

It sucks being ripped off despite having a conscience. Doesn’t it? It pinches. Hard. And I’ve been burned several times. This doesn’t mean I’m “holier than thou.” Far from it. I just feel that hurting someone doesn’t have to be physical or emotional. A stupid decision is all it takes to inflict pain and hurt. Last […]

Not perfect

My friends, family and even some of my colleagues have accused me of being a perfectionist far too many times than I would want. It doesn’t make any sense. In fact, I used to hate perfectionists! Who wouldn’t? Don’t they waste a ton of time to just get everything right? Boy, I’ve worked with them. […]

Breaking it down

Through with an intensive weekend. A day and a half of physical training programs. Kettlebells and GroundForce training. It’s fascinating to learn how master practitioners (you know, the ones who truly care to go deep) use these simple tools and organise it into systems to make it more accessible to the masses. I find that […]