Decision fatigue

Aren’t you tired of so many options out there? It’s kind of overwhelming, isn’t it? It depends, you say. And I completely understand… Sometimes, having options is good. Helps us make better decisions. But at times, at least for me, things can get a little overwhelming. For the past few months I’ve been experimenting with […]

Why I write

I write because it’s elementary! I write to communicate ideas. I write to change minds. I write to influence people and make a positive impact in my own life. I write for myself… as sometimes it’s easy to ignore your own advice. Putting thoughts on paper helps me reinforce my own beliefs when the going gets […]

The Art of Personal Essay

The way I know it — a personal essay is different from a “private” essay. For obvious reasons I would rather not dwell on here. The whole point is to write on things that might appeal to the writer. Expertise is irrelevant, intent is what matters. The essayist explores the topic inside out and in […]

Ninja Hacks # 1

Was reading one of Ramit Sethi’s email updates and found this cool article by Dan Martell. He talks about a bunch of highly practical productivity hacks, but this one below stands out. It’s just fantastic and something that I have been practicing for a while now–accidently, to be very honest. (I keep forgetting the freaking power […]

Hello again, World!

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged (at least publicly). This new blog is a 2.0 version of why my previous blog was (no hyperlinks here—I’ve deleted it to oblivion). More focused but with the same passion and rigor that is just me. Am looking forward this exciting new journey. In true Steve Jobs’ style — […]

Growth Hacking

It’s internet’s youngest buzz word among marketers, and most of them just don’t get it. Partially because it’s not traditional marketing. But despite being highly misunderstood, it works. Sean Ellis (of Eventbrite, DropBox, LogmeIn fame) was perhaps the first Growth Hacker known to the business world (or at least he coined the word). And these […]

SEO Alchemy

Content Marketers these days boast how quality content gets Google’s respect and rules the internet. Digital Marketers on the other hand are convinced that everything eventually boils down to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). (And for all the right reasons) Now, if you work with a computer, irrespective of your profession, you ought to have heard of the […]