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Make your workplace great again!

I know it’s easier said than done but it sure is up a committed leader’s alley. A fearless organisation is one that provides psychological safety, encourages open communication, and makes it safe for all employees to fail. Of course, I don’t mean failing deliberately but doing one’s best while embracing failures as and when it […]

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On routines… yet again!

I’ve written about routines countless times and I think it all led up to 2020, “the year when earth quarantined itself.” (That’s one heck of a dramatic headline, no?) I’ll be honest, I would be in a hospital for mental treatment if it weren’t for the habits and routines I’d invested so much time to […]

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Sometimes shipping it is the best market research

It’s common knowledge that each one of us have a book in us. I saw some random online marketing dude claiming, “there’s at least one online course in each of us.” The only thing I could think of was, “boy, times have changed.” One of the most common advise I hear from both the best […]

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Your self-worth isn’t the same as your LinkedIn network

A few minute after the brief introduction I asked this potential candidates for a sales position, “What achievements in the past you think can help you perform better at this role?” She mentioned the usual and then this, “I also have 40,000 LinkedIn contacts. That’s something most people in my circle can’t even think of. […]

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Care for a simpler business model?

I think most freelancers and creative entrepreneurs ruin it for themselves by either limiting what they do or offer way too much, enough to overwhelm potential clients. Like that writer you know who does only case studies for cancer-fighting pharmaceuticals or another one who does it all — business writing, copywriting, technical writing, and even […]


On creating value over content

Ironic it may seem but focusing on creating value has helped me see things differently. It definitely has helped me be more purposeful with the content I create, particularly the ones I share here and on socials. And the best part is that I’ve stopped caring about arbitrary stats, tactics, or traffic. Some may call […]

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Behind every successful person

I believe it’s one of the most cliched, overused, and abused maxims of all time. And I definitely don’t think there’s always a woman (or a surprised father/mother-in-law) behind every successful man. We’re living in interesting (and quite different) times and supporting anyone through their success journey requires immense courage, commitment, and sacrifices without any […]

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Leadership and self-deception

It’s not only one of my favourite books of all time, it is the book that I have revisited multiple times in a year since 2009. I got to know last week that the book now has a revised and expanded 3rd edition in print. So, I ordered the new edition and gave it a […]

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Managing expectations as a professional

I so wish this could be part of an independent professional’s proposal. I’m not a magician nor do I have a supply of magic pills. I can’t help with your challenges in a 2-hour conversation or even a half-day workshop. Believe me, it took you a lot longer to arrive at this mess and it […]

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Foolproof ways to add value to you organisation

While there many ways if you can think creatively, there are two time-tested strategies leaders can employ to add value to their organisations. Developing people and driving organisational learning. I see them as two sides of the same coin. Yes, I’ve gone at lengths to harp about developing people but that wouldn’t stop me from […]