Leading change begins with knowing what needs to change

Not everyone’s fond of change. It’s uncomfortable. It’s messy. And it’s unclear for the most part, until it isn’t. And one of the key attributes of leadership is the ability to create and influence positive change. The people I get to interact with in my leadership development work are most the enthusiastic kind. They’re all […]

Just give it some time

After every rolling session I’ve had in the past few months (since I’ve gotten back into BJJ) I get into this weird zone of self-doubt. Am I good enough? What’s the point of being so strong and yet not technically proficient? Why am I even doing this? Thankfully, I the know the answer to the […]

Drip by the drip

The past two weeks have been full of action. Lots of time on the mat rolling with several accomplished BJJ athletes. It’s humbling and equally frustrating to realise how much you don’t know what you don’t know with each passing session. Though, I’m much more comfortable with going full-on sparring these days, I get stuck […]

Growing and scaling aren’t the same thing

Had a casual chat with a bright and energetic young entrepreneur working in the blockchain space. Till yesterday, I’d been fascinated with the concept but never made the effort to actually get into the ‘weeds.’ The conversation helped me learn a chunk more about blockchain, cryptocurrency and the whole enchilada than what I would learn […]

We don’t need no motivation… but education

And so should you. The infiltration of (wannabe?) trainers, motivational speakers and employee ‘engagement’ experts has been an overwhelming experience for professionals (folks like me) who don’t have the need to scream, shout and jump up and down from the chair or on the stage. What’s crazier is that organisers and decision makers now thing […]

People are more generous that we think

If you’re shaking your head, hear me out. I wasn’t the to believe that myself until I met a few who changed my perspective. More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to interview people for my podcast (to be launched on the 1st of November) where they shared some of their most personal stories during and […]

The 5x5x5 system for tracking performance

While I see and hear more companies eliminating performance reviews, I’m not fully convinced if that is the best way forward. Particularly when the generations of employees working with us care more about their growth, performance and data to back their efforts. Heck, these companies themselves are going crazy about AI and big data! What’s […]