Simpler tools. Lesser tools.

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know I can get nerd about productivity and tools at ends. It’s an exciting topic that has profoundly affected the way I work and live. Over the years, however, I have also realized that productivity tools, routines, and tips can only take you so far.…… Continue reading Simpler tools. Lesser tools.

Some days…

Some days… I don’t feel like waking up in the morning and doing the “work.”I feel like an imposter trying to do things to keep up with other imposters.I question if what I do has any purpose or value at all!I don’t think I have any ideas worth sharing.I hate myself for not meeting my…… Continue reading Some days…

Now that I’m over it… why do I still have to create content?

After reading day before yesterday’s post, someone asked me, “Sunil, why even bother with your blog and podcast when you’ve decided to just focus on your executive leadership career?” Without a doubt, a solid question and something most followers of this blog might be wondering themselves. I don’t think our career choices have to be…… Continue reading Now that I’m over it… why do I still have to create content?

Content creators and artists

Sadly in 2021, writers, musicians, cinematographers, filmmakers, designers, and other creative professionals are called “content creators.”  Whatever happened to art and artists.  Sure, one solid argument might be this:  The kind of content needed to be created now Can not be created (alone) by Artists. Heads need something that sells; everything is about sales, not…… Continue reading Content creators and artists

Please don’t sign up for LinkedIn university

Getting off Facebook and Twitter was an easy decision — the platforms weren’t adding value to my day-to-day activities or professional pursuits. Clinging on to LinkedIn and Instagram was deliberate. The former was purely for professional reasons. The latter was convenient — fewer words, more pictures, and much easier to scroll down to the following…… Continue reading Please don’t sign up for LinkedIn university

Yeah, but…

“Yeah, but…” is a conversation killer. It suppresses emotions, creativity, and an opportunity to understand the other person better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve completely switched myself off during a conversation because the other person said, “yeah, but….” Why? Because that’s the point when a conversation transforms into a monologue in which…… Continue reading Yeah, but…

You don’t need mentors

I never realized having a mentor is one of the up and coming fads. It seems everyone’s got a mentor (and you don’t?). They’ve got mentors for startups, for senior leaders, for artists, and for every successful people you might know. But are they successful? That’s subjective, primarily because not every startup is successful. Not…… Continue reading You don’t need mentors

But what about individual attention?

The most prominent hue and cry in parents-teacher association conferences across the world is efficient classroom management through individual attention. Most don’t realise that the two aspects are independent of each other. Sure, one affects the other but not so much as people believe. For example, having ten kids in the classroom doesn’t necessarily mean…… Continue reading But what about individual attention?

The ultimate morning routine for the rest of your life

Just Google “morning routines”, and the search engine will blast you with millions of pages with juicy information on the best, the most productive, and the classiest morning routines of all time. People are fascinated with this kind of stuff, and I don’t have a freaking clue why. Believe it or not, you’ve been following…… Continue reading The ultimate morning routine for the rest of your life

Help yourself to not read self-help

I’m at a stage in life where I’m not too fond of self-help or anything that looks, feels, and sounds like self-help. Here’s why — most self-help books and products are designed to change you for the better, and they fail. At least 99.99% of the stuff out there are rehashed versions of the stuff…… Continue reading Help yourself to not read self-help