A ‘yes’ is great, a ‘no’ is okay too… what’s not is a version of “I’ll think about it”

It’s the worst place to be in particularly if you’re into sales, recruitment or staffing. Nothing wastes more time than being “in-between” a decision when one has all the information that’s needed to make one. (I’ve spoken about it at length previously but this keeps coming back to me every now and then.) No, I’m […]

Putting together a presentation — not as easy as you think

Instinctually, I think most of us know precisely how to organise and deliver a presentation. I most certainly do know my stuff when it comes to creating, organising and delivering a presentations. And because everyone fundamentally knows how to present, we screw things up more often than needed. Sadly, the ones who’re at the receiving […]

They ask, you answer… redux

I still think answering the most pressing questions on your website is a great idea for small (yet busy) companies to create valuable content. I’ve talked about this before and there’s a great book about it too! More people are consciously putting out content in the name of content marketing. Right now, I believe that’s […]

We haven’t got it all figured out yet

There isn’t a thing such a true expert because the ones who are always strive to evolve and get to the next level. The non-experts or the lay person have a similar journey to consider — a long way to go before they figure things out and when they do, they’ll realise there’s so much […]

Being content with my little place right here!

On an average, I see, tap or swipe through almost a few dozen WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook ‘stories’ each day. And while I can ignore almost all stories on the last two, WhatsApp literally tempts you to check them out, which I absolutely hate! Because barring a few, most stories haven’t added value to my […]

Why workshops aren’t an answer to skills development

The golden age for learning and development (L&D) professionals was perhaps the 90s, the 2000s and perhaps the early 2010s. The industry has done pretty well for itself (multi-billion dollar!) and so have the trainers and facilitators (multi-millionaires). And the best of them may have delivered tens of thousands of workshops over these years. I […]

Acquiring new skills keeps you sharp but…

It’s dang difficult to learn anything new because your mind and body are so good at resisting change. So much so that they’ll let you believe that you’re always ‘doing something new’ or ‘don’t have enough time’ or the ultimate — ‘you don’t need anything new since you’re already doing too much.’ There may be […]

Hyper-focus to deload your brain

If you’re smart, talented or ambitious (or even if you aren’t) chasing goals and executing those big projects can take a toll over time. Particularly, if you’ve got a bunch of those outside of your day job. From my experience, folks like us tend to get stuck at two places: Where do we start from? […]