Why even bother?

I lunch out on Saturdays. A deliberate decision I made a few years back since I hang out with friends and like minded people on Saturdays. (Helps me have an uninterrupted Sunday with my family and loved ones.)   Last Saturday I was at this upscale Mexican restaurant in Khan Market with a friend. We ordered […]

Choice and Control

How often do you wake up next to a dead phone? I know, that is a weird question, but exactly what I experienced yesterday. I woke up next to a dead phone. It started to act up the evening before. Distorted screen and an unresponsive touch. I irritatingly just turned the phone off. Thinking that it […]

Creating Value

I’m a huge Ben Settle fan. Though I haven’t bought any of his products, I sure do read each of his mails that he sends out daily. I once popped this question: Quick question: do you plan your content or just write what you feel like? Curious… My biggest hurdle is that I constantly worry about […]

Document vs Create

November was crazy! Loads of work, learning and eating (not really bingeing)! (I know, I know… it sure sounds like an excuse to not post anything here… but that’s just me… procrastinating! I’m working on it… remember?) Sometimes work can really tie you down. For good. But then you miss out on the opportunities to […]

Wash your bowl: A modern take

There’s a famous Zen story about a monk and Joshu (I don’t know who Joshu is, but that’s irrelevant here). The monk tells Joshu, “I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me.” Joshu asks, “Have you eaten your rice porridge? The monk replies, “I have eaten.” Joshu says, “Then you had better wash your […]

Splurging is okay. Sometimes.

Because it’s your money most people won’t value the things that you value it’s fun to let them fight for your stuff when you’re dead! (Saddleback leather’s tagline) Seriously, spend money on things that matter, that add value to your life and lasts long. I hate to pay for same stuff time and again! That’s […]

The Art of Giving a Feedback…

… isn’t really an art, but common sense. This verse from the bible explains it all — “do unto others as you would want other do unto you.” That’s it! Sadly, we don’t come near to following that advice. Far from it. Feedback, should almost always be personal. If someone screws up, pull them aside and just […]