Manager vs leader

I know you have had your share of “manager versus leader” debates, articles, studies, info-graphics comparisons, and even memes! It’s overwhelming. And I don’t want to burden you with more proof or my perspective on this pointless debate. Yeah, leadership is sexy. Everyone wants to be a leader, and nobody wants to be “just-a-manager.” I…… Continue reading Manager vs leader

Don’t let gossipmongers ruin your company’s culture

Everyone loves to gossip, but nobody likes to admit they do. It’s a fact. And I don’t care if you’re shaking your head right now. Understand the true definition of gossip as per the dictionary: a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about othersrumour or report of an intimate naturea chatty talk If…… Continue reading Don’t let gossipmongers ruin your company’s culture

Why not make performance parameters transparent?

Following my rant of CTC and how passionately I despise the term and the concept, I would be remiss if I didn’t express how I feel about “performance bonuses.” The component is one of the most highlighted and inaccurate figures in your compensation and benefits package. In almost all cases, performance bonuses are listed as…… Continue reading Why not make performance parameters transparent?

On fair compensation and pay

Compensation is a sore area for employees, managers, and leaders alike. And over the years, I’ve realised that: employees can’t get enough of what they’re earning — they always want and feel like they deserve more, for both obvious and not-so-obvious reasonsmanagers want to squeeze every penny’s worth from their employees so they can brag…… Continue reading On fair compensation and pay

Things that hurt us, instruct us

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Ben Franklin and M. Scott Peck. And boy, they both have something you must remember always:  As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Those things that hurt, instruct.’ It is for this reason that wise people learn not to dread but actually to welcome problems and actually to welcome the pain of…… Continue reading Things that hurt us, instruct us

Clinging to the past

If you think blaming ourselves or others is terrible, let me assure you that deflecting blame onto events and people from the past is just as bad. I’m a highly context-driven person, so history is essential to my day-to-day and future decisions. The trait also allows me to think and reflect deeper.  However, as a…… Continue reading Clinging to the past

Winning too much

I once asked my friend about his “greatest weakness”, if any. And he coyly mentioned “winning too much” and how it has ruined many relationships in the past. Of course, that got me curious, and I encouraged him to elaborate further. He mentioned how competitive he’s been all his life and how that streak set…… Continue reading Winning too much

The not-so-obvious ways to have a more in-depth conversation with anyone

I rarely peruse through the New York Times for management and leadership insights. Not that I don’t expect any from their incredible panel of award-winning journalists, but the idea of finding a useful piece (for me) amidst all that content feels like an arduous task. Every once in a while though, I bump into something…… Continue reading The not-so-obvious ways to have a more in-depth conversation with anyone

Telling ain’t training and training ain’t learning

I’m a firm believer in the notion that ‘telling ain’t training.’ Because it just isn’t. That said, training isn’t a one-off event but an ongoing process of learning and development. So, you can’t deliver a training session, have it recorded, and expect the trainees to go back to the recording. Sure, having a reference point…… Continue reading Telling ain’t training and training ain’t learning

Emotions at the workplace

People don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves. They are their emotions and moods! And contrary to what most people think, a successful organization has little to do with its people’s performance than the emotions and moods they show up with. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between emotions and moods, allow me to share…… Continue reading Emotions at the workplace