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Define it before you resolve it

We know the world’s in a crises right now. And it’s imperative that authorities, leaders, and influencers define the crises they’re facing before they go about resolving it. Of course, it’s COVID-19 but it isn’t the only crises we’re dealing with right now. Let’s not forget racism/discrimination, protests, government authorities abusing power, strifes over border […]

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Skin in the game

In my estimate, 90 percent of the employees attending a training program are sponsored by their employers. (It’s probably more, but I would rather be conservative than quote something that’s not true.) And almost 50% of these attendees are on programs that may not benefit them directly — neither professional nor personally. Yet, they’re okay […]

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Give them more than praise

If you’ve ever worked for someone else, you know the importance of rewards and recognition, don’t you? Remember how you felt when your boss said, “thanks everyone for your hardwork, well done,” when everyone clearly knew you busted your ass to get the project delivered on time? Or perhaps, that time when you worked over […]


Leadership is a choice, not a place you sit

I’ve been talking about this for more than a decade and yet I get to meet well-intentioned people who’ve bought into the idea of gaining influence, authority, and riches by way of a leadership position. It’s delusional, toxic, and will ruin any chance of you becoming a leader. Sure, you can be promoted to a […]

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Why you need a coach?

There must be a gazillion articles and videos on why you (or everyone) need(s) a coach or a mentor/teacher for a fulfilling life. But this short chat between Ryan Holiday and Coby Karl in my opinion is probably the best testimonial to why anyone would need a coach/mentor/teacher in life. While it may seem ironical, […]

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Could the training and development industry be broken too?

For the longest time the intelligentsia has highlighted the shortcomings of the traditional educational system. Beliefs range from “there’s a long way to go until we get there” to “it’s broken.” Thankfully, the academia isn’t short of committed educators who’re working their butts off to bridge the gap. I’m hopeful that we will get ‘there,’ […]

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On Consistency

Leadership and consistency go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. And you can’t be a leading at your potential if you aren’t consistent. If you are a developing leader, building that “consistency” muscle will go a long way in your career. And here are a few concrete reasons (adapted from John Maxwell’s Leadershift) […]

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Why teams get stuck?

Rohan from alearningaday does a fantastic job at decoding the reasons why teams at times aren’t able to make progress on a problem. He shares 3 core reasons: Unclear problem statement Misaligned incentives Absence of structure (clear requirements, roles and responsibilities, meeting cadence, processes to hold people accountable) Honestly, he’s spot on. These challenges may […]

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People vs software

I don’t care how weird that might sound or how vehemently people think of themselves as “hardware,” we essentially are software. And I say this purely from an organisational context. Before I rant further, I would like to allow Dave Winer elaborate on software all the way back from 1995: Software is a process, it’s […]

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Becoming the “go-to” player

Every team’s got one. And I used to be one back in my teens while playing cricket with my friends. I was good — enough to make it to the school’s cricket team and to be the first person picked when teams get formed* right before we commence our session in the neighbourhood playground. That […]