The antidote to insecurity as a leader

No matter how vehemently we deny it, we’ve all got a bunch of insecurities. More so, if you’re a leader or someone with positional authority. And believe me, it’s the best antidote that I’ve know to work all the time. I’m yet to see it fail. Are you ready? It’s this — help other people […]

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The “C” Word

The one thing we all need the most in tough and uncertain times is courage. Heck, I think we need it during the good times as well! Think about it — we have opportunities to take risks, lead, or perhaps, face the critics even in the good times. If you’re a leader, know that you […]

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Five levels of work

I don’t know about you but I’ve been a fan of Matt Mullenweg for ages now. He doesn’t write often but when he does, it’s thoughtful and makes you think. I received a notification for Matt’s latest post on my WordPress dashboard last month. It was silly of me to not review this sooner (damn […]

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Expect everything, attach to nothing

One of the most worthless piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is this — “lower your expectations.” Or perhaps a variant of “don’t get too attached to your expectations.” I say “worthless” because our expectations is what makes or breaks us. Imagine a life without expectations… I’m waiting… Nothing, right? It’s like a blank page! […]

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All transformations begin with this…

The other day a friend asked me about the difference between intentional leadership and transformational leadership. The question got me thinking as I’ve always thought transformations at any scale is intentional. While it still holds true, I also realised that transformations happen because of intentions. Transformational movements require transformational leaders. Jim Collins I think a […]

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The compounding power of small wins

Done with intention, the small wins can have a compounding effect on your life. It sure has changed my life profoundly. But who has the time to give a hoot about these small wins (or “little things” as people would like to say) when all the money and excitement is in going after the big […]

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A different world

A different world cannot be built by indifferent people. Peter Marshall There’s no better way to define a transformation leader — they’re not indifferent. They feel things that others don’t feel. And their passion, energy, and tenacity fires everyone around them to rise up and stand up for a cause. Think of Marcus Aurelius, Abraham […]

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I do it

If you’re not equipping your people, you’re not leading. Nor would you be able to harness your potential as a leader or hope to become a transformational leader. You see, the essence of all transformations is equipping. The alternative is to do what most leaders don’t do often — learn how to equip others. others. […]

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Make it easy. Make it just work.

Besides being successful technology companies, what do Apple, Netflix, Zoom, and Amazon have in common? They’ve got the basics right, kept it simple, and they have always “just worked.” Period. But we know simple ain’t easy. It’s so damn hard to create something that seems easy. Yet, that’s exactly what these companies did to grow […]

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The Indispensable Man

It’s quite natural to think of ourselves as “indispensable” at the workplace, in our communities, or in our relationships. We do so much for the people whom we care about after all, right? Just that the thought itself is selfish, arrogant, and implies that we feel “entitled.” Not exactly a great place to operate from. […]