Why the heck is education is so expensive?

I like to have my hands full. And if you know me well, that’s an understatement. But I’ve had this itch to look up something exciting to learn, something that would pique my curiosity, advance my skills while intellectually satisfy me. Something that will make me a better leader and a human being. After spending […]

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight

It’s one of my favorite idioms and literally means, “getting into a confrontational or challenging situation without being adequately equipped or prepared. Does that ring a bell? It should — everyone does it at some point in their lives. And that’s okay. But the key is to learn from your previous mistakes and try your […]

The coaching manager

I know, I know… it’s what everyone expects from a manager these days. Albeit, hard to come by, particularly if one’s so used to micro-managing each and every aspect of production or a project. They say, “old habits, die hard.” Let me tell you, this one’s the hardest to let go off. (I say that […]

On managing projects

Let’s face it — being a project manager is a thankless job. At least that’s how it feels like when your clients/stakeholders are kicking and punching you in the gut for not delivering the project on time. Or even worse, they’ve wasted your most valuable resource (time) to go back and forth with you and […]

Helping people lead, intentionally

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Mostly around my podcast. It’s an active project that I’m keen to take off the ground but haven’t been able to. And it’s not because of the logistics but the value I really wish to create. I’m in the process (a long one that involves a […]

Leading people and managing life using Scrum

While I’ve never held a “project manager” title, I have managed and facilitated countless projects. I mean, literally, countless. And that’s exactly I don’t see the point in tracking all the hours I’ve invested just to make things official and get a project management professional (PMP) certification. The whole damn tracking would be one heck […]

Failing gracefully

While the world’s obsessed with successes I’m at the deep end pondering if there’s much to learn about our failures. Much more than we give it credit. Of course, I’m not suggesting that we’re like Edison, who failed 10,000 times before inventing the light-blub. No, not even close! I think we’re much worse because we […]

Before we grow big outside, let’s grow big inside

I heard about Chick-fil-A just last year on NPR and was fascinated how Samuel Truett Cathy (or S. Truett Cathy) built a simple chicken sandwich shop into one of the largest restaurant chains in America. Even more profound was his quote (that I heard in another podcast recently) in response to the board’s recommendation to […]

A global crises doesn’t have to be your crises

Can you count the times any of the previous world-wide crises’ has had a direct impact on you or your business? Notice I used the word “impact,” not just affect. If your answer is minimal or barely or a variant thereof, thanks for your honestly. Because the majority of the people would treat a global […]

Live your story

We were waiting outside the Vatican for the tour guide to take us inside the magnificent city. It was hot and humid. (That’s one complaint you don’t often hear from an Indian overseas, we’re do damn used to temperatures 40 and above.) I was getting impatient and was seriously questioning my decision visit the city […]