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  • My publishing strategy from 2015 and what I’ve learned from it

    Alright, I have no intention of turning back the time, but the past few days, I’ve been going over my notes from yesteryears, and I now realise that I had grossly underestimated myself. Check this out: Publishing Strategy Blog continuously for the next six months (aim for 12-15 articles, possibly more) January 1, 2015—repost one […]

  • Observations are all that we have

    I don’t think I’m smarter, wiser, or any better than the writers, business people, psychologists, or experts out there. And that’s not coming from a place of insecurity but heightened awareness. I can’t think the way these professionals do, which is highly analytical. That could be because I’m lazy or simply because I don’t feel […]

  • Marketing is Personal

    While helping one of my clients discover a marketing strategy that makes sense, I realised how powerful, soul-satisfying, and freeing is the process of finding something that resonates with one’s authentic self. And that’s especially true when people realise that they don’t have to sell their souls to market themselves or make a living as […]

  • Minimal but purposeful marketing for 2021

    One of the most beautiful things about a blog is that you get a platform to document your life. Your wins, losses, thoughts, observations, and most importantly, your evolution as a person. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a powerful motivator. And if you’ve been following this blog for any length of […]

  • It’s okay to reinvent that fucking wheel

    We’re all obsessed with shortcuts to “shorten the curve.” We want to execute tactics that everyone else is doing because it’s working (or trending) or the newest strategy that scales or reaches the target audience better. And if we fail to change or try any of what’s “proven to be working,” we’re doomed. Sometimes I […]

  • Is it worth catching up with social media in 2021?

    Right now, there are two kinds of social media users — the influencers and the wannabes. You and I might fall in the latter category (if not, please feel free to recommend my site to your followers :-P), and that’s okay, as long as you don’t act like a wannabe. If you’re wondering what’s wrong […]

  • Here’s my brain-dead simple 2021 marketing strategy

    One of my friends recently asked me about my marketing strategy for this year, given the circumstances — COVID, economies recovering, and that there’s a whole lot more competition in the coaching/independent consulting industry. It made me think because I hadn’t paid attention to my “marketing” strategy since early 2018 when I decided to keep […]

  • LinkedIn strategy for 2021

    While I am not a massive fan of having social media as the default (or worse, the only) marketing tool, I think LinkedIn deserves a place in every working professional or B2B business’ marketing arsenal. The challenge, however, is that the platform is ever-evolving. And there are times I’ve strongly felt that LinkedIn’s slowly becoming […]

  • The solopreneur’s guide to content marketing

    If there’s anyone who despises the word “content marketing” more than I do, let me know. Because I don’t think anyone else on this planet has reasons to hate one of the most popular forms of marketing. Here’s one of the reasons — despite being a “certified” content marketing professional, I couldn’t build a business […]

  • Ira Glass on Storytelling

    See. Spot. Steal! I couldn’t help but do so when I discovered What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says by James Clear. The post profiles Ira Glass’ and describes his struggle to create, This American Life, one of the most popular public radio shows of all time! Nobody tells this to people who are […]