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  • How you can leverage content in 2020

    Let’s be honest — irrespective of your objective, if you’re looking for information you can find it in a matter of seconds. Consider this: More than 500 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube right this minute! There are over 17 million active podcasts right now. Close to 600 million blogs exist of which, […]

  • Could content fatigue be real?

    I spend close to 5 minutes every single day going through my social feeds. Most days, it’s even less as I primarily use LinkedIn and Facebook since everything else is just entertainment. At least, that’s how I feel like. And I know I should be spending more time to promote my ideas, business, and the […]

  • Why haggling for pricing is bad karma for you

    Don’t let them haggle I hate to argue. Particularly, over price as I don’t think it’s worth my time or energy to argue over a few dollars when my work’s at stake. Although I’m aware that some people derive absolute pleasure haggling their way to saving a few dollars (pennies, in some cases). I can’t […]

  • Find the first 10 and then the other 990

    If you’re an entrepreneur (perhaps a wantreprenuer?) or know people who are, chances are you have heard or read Kevin Kelly’s take on the 1000 true fans. It’s probably one of the most useful marketing lessons of all time. A practical strategy to maintain one’s sanity while building a sustainable business over time. The only […]

  • Obscurity is the enemy

    Do a quick search of consultants, coaches, and trainers on LinkedIn and you’ll find a staggering number of well intentioned folks listed as founders and CEOs of their companies! And if as an HR professional I was asked for look for an executive coach* for my organisation, who would I choose? It’s a difficult question […]

  • The One-Sentence Guide to Persuasion

    “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” Blair Warren That sentence, my friend, is the only guide to persuasion you will ever need in your career and life. I’m serious. The following five points are […]

  • The best time to write

    One of the ideas writers and content creators debate about is the best time to write. In fact, stop reading this and try Googling, “best time to write” and you’ll get over 3 billion hits! And almost every debate falls in the early morning, late at night, or anytime camp. I’ll be honest, no matter […]

  • The ideal audience

    There’s an audience for everyone. It’s just a matter of time before you find them or even better, they find you. Marketers are obsessed with audience personas and for a very solid reason — it helps them reach out the relevant people in an efficient manner. But even then, they may not experience the desirable […]

  • It still isn’t about you!

    I’ve shared my rant on this before but it seems we never seem to learn from our mistakes. This is particularly true with the independent consultants/coaches and small businesses. They’re overly fixed on their accreditations, affiliations, and awards that none of the clients or potential clients care about. Yet, we persist. Probably because there’s a […]

  • Creation and promotion

    Ask any smart modern day content creator about their biggest obstacle and 9 out of 10 would say, “marketing.” They feel marketing is hard, gimmicky, and has gotten way too complex (read: data driven, sophisticated tools etc.) than it used to be. And each time I ask them to figure out a way nonetheless to […]