Category: Marketing

  • What kind of content works fast?

    Found this “click-baity” piece on Quora that goes in depth about the most effective type of content for “faster” result. Drum rolls, please… Polls Quizzes Webinars SEO YAAWWWNNN… I’m so bored. Give me something new. Could you? Well, honestly, there isn’t anything new under the “marketing sun.” Everything’s already tired and tested. The best type of […]

  • Nancy Nardin’s Sales Technology Landscape 2018

    Bumped into this great infographic by Nancy Nardin on the technological landscape (sales and marketing-wise). This was originally published in July but I just happened to find it today. A few months behind but this is pure gold, nonetheless! If you’re into martech or into sales and/or marketing, do review this infographic that’s so well organized […]