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If you seek tranquility, do less

We’ve all struggled to separate the wheat from the chaff, the essential from the non-essential, and the important from the urgent. And it takes a lot of time and skill to get to this place where you know exactly what you will focus on. So much so that it takes an average person half their […]

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The value of gap years

Hat tip to Seth Godin for bringing this up: Millions of college-age students have to make a difficult decision soon. Spending all that money and time has always been a significant choice, but now it’s more fraught. The accredited institutions that are now suddenly offering students an online education simply haven’t committed the time or […]

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Strategically Ignorant

There’s just way too much too focus on right now and believe me, all of that is costly for our mind. Having choices at this moment simply means: 1. You won’t derive greater satisfaction from the options you have. 2. You won’t be able to make faster decisions as there’ll be just too much to […]

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Skin in the game

In my estimate, 90 percent of the employees attending a training program are sponsored by their employers. (It’s probably more, but I would rather be conservative than quote something that’s not true.) And almost 50% of these attendees are on programs that may not benefit them directly — neither professional nor personally. Yet, they’re okay […]

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Why you need a coach?

There must be a gazillion articles and videos on why you (or everyone) need(s) a coach or a mentor/teacher for a fulfilling life. But this short chat between Ryan Holiday and Coby Karl in my opinion is probably the best testimonial to why anyone would need a coach/mentor/teacher in life. While it may seem ironical, […]

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Overcoming the fear of being “wrong”

We know fear can stop us dead in the tracks… literally and figuratively. It’s what stops most of us from achieving anything significant in life, let alone greatness. Sure acknowledging your fears is a great start but that isn’t going to help you get past it. What do you do then? I love what Brian […]

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The meditative brew

I woke up an hour earlier than usual this morning and felt this strong urge to make coffee. So, I made myself a cup of artisan pour over coffee using freshly roasted beans that I ground myself using the manual grinder. Believe me, it takes some effort but is deeply soul-satisfying. I settled myself into […]

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People vs software

I don’t care how weird that might sound or how vehemently people think of themselves as “hardware,” we essentially are software. And I say this purely from an organisational context. Before I rant further, I would like to allow Dave Winer elaborate on software all the way back from 1995: Software is a process, it’s […]

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Becoming the “go-to” player

Every team’s got one. And I used to be one back in my teens while playing cricket with my friends. I was good — enough to make it to the school’s cricket team and to be the first person picked when teams get formed* right before we commence our session in the neighbourhood playground. That […]

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Most people can’t handle the truth

One my dear friends, an established speaker and executive coach, posted a note on everyone’s obsessed with shortcuts and life hacks. As you know, it’s my favourite topic, so I riffed a little, sparked a few responses, and have my friend reply back tongue-in-cheek, “telling people to work hard won’t get you speaking gigs.” The […]