Acquiring new skills keeps you sharp but…

It’s dang difficult to learn anything new because your mind and body are so good at resisting change. So much so that they’ll let you believe that you’re always ‘doing something new’ or ‘don’t have enough time’ or the ultimate — ‘you don’t need anything new since you’re already doing too much.’ There may be […]

Hyper-focus to deload your brain

If you’re smart, talented or ambitious (or even if you aren’t) chasing goals and executing those big projects can take a toll over time. Particularly, if you’ve got a bunch of those outside of your day job. From my experience, folks like us tend to get stuck at two places: Where do we start from? […]

People are more generous that we think

If you’re shaking your head, hear me out. I wasn’t the to believe that myself until I met a few who changed my perspective. More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to interview people for my podcast (to be launched on the 1st of November) where they shared some of their most personal stories during and […]

Picking your battles wisely

Whoever came up with that line was a genius bar none. I’m notoriously known (within my family and friends’ circle) for just picking up one battle after the other. The worst part is that I have a hard time letting go of something in lieu of that shiny new thing I might have picked up. […]

The carrot, egg and the coffee bean

Each of us have our own way to react or respond to a stimulus. Facing adversity is such stimulus. But most of us have only learned to react to it than respond. While I believe we eventually get wiser over time, having a better perspective saves us a lot of pain and time. Some of […]

The survival mindset

One of the major reasons why people (kids and adults alike) quit Brazilian JuJutsu (BJJ) has got nothing to do with their conflicting schedules as they claim. It’s the teaching methodology. Period. I know that first hand having been part of two different (yet so similar) schools of thoughts. When I signed up for my […]

On Dependencies

There are two types of dependencies that I know of — professional and personal. And for the most part, I believe having dependencies is neither productive nor a legit status at all times. Yes, of course, there will be exceptions! There’s always one. But if you’re reading this and worried about a project that’s stuck […]

Wake up early — write, read and train

I’ve started to do it again! This week (starting Tuesday), after almost 12 years, I woke up early to write instead of meditating, journaling and reading. It’s been a refreshing change. Probably because by the time I actually go to write, I was already worn out and frustrated. It wasn’t a great experience despite how […]