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  • Why selling is a challenge with coaches and consultants?

    As one of the oldest professions in the world, selling has done a less-than-commendable job in positioning itself. Even the sales experts have been selling the idea that “everybody’s a salesperson,” but nobody’s buying that. Sure, people call it “business development” nowadays, but who are we fooling. And all that bad PR doesn’t encourage people […]

  • Ira Glass on Storytelling

    See. Spot. Steal! I couldn’t help but do so when I discovered What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says by James Clear. The post profiles Ira Glass’ and describes his struggle to create, This American Life, one of the most popular public radio shows of all time! Nobody tells this to people who are […]

  • A better way to outsource a process or a function

    Almost all medium and large-sized enterprises opt to outsource some of their functions and processes. While the reasons may vary, the core objective remains the same — get things done, cost-effectively. Relying on that metric alone is a recipe for disaster. It clouds your judgement while pressurising your partners to meet unreasonable expectations. I firmly […]

  • The four-step email prospecting

    If you’re into sales or business development, cold emails and phone calls are part and parcel of your life. And let’s face it, we would instead send cold emails than cold calls. But the reality is that most cold emails suck! I delete 99.99% of all the cold emails I receive because they’re not well-written, […]

  • Don’t kill the golden goose!

    I had a great meeting with a former acquaintance looking for a solution to boost sales for his small professional services firm. A few minutes into the conversation revealed the following:  1. The company hired a couple of young salespeople working for them full-time on straight commissions. Since it was a new initiative, my friend […]

  • Expect everything, attach to nothing

    One of the most worthless piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is this — “lower your expectations.” Or perhaps a variant of “don’t get too attached to your expectations.” I say “worthless” because our expectations is what makes or breaks us. Imagine a life without expectations… I’m waiting… Nothing, right? It’s like a blank page! […]

  • Sometimes shipping it is the best market research

    It’s common knowledge that each one of us have a book in us. I saw some random online marketing dude claiming, “there’s at least one online course in each of us.” The only thing I could think of was, “boy, times have changed.” One of the most common advise I hear from both the best […]

  • The One-Sentence Guide to Persuasion

    “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” Blair Warren That sentence, my friend, is the only guide to persuasion you will ever need in your career and life. I’m serious. The following five points are […]

  • Planning ain’t selling

    In 15 years (1963-78), Joe Girard sold 13,001 Chevrolets. He sold 1,425 in 1973 alone! And in his book, How to Sell Anything to Anybody, he documents his exact process that made him one of the best car salesmen on the planet. Guess what did I find out? Besides the basic tactical-practical strategies, he invested […]

  • A simpler approach to solving problems

    I love coffee! Not just any coffee but the freshly roasted, mid-dark or darker, 100% arabica that’s sourced from the best locations in India (or abroad, if I’m traveling but I don’t believing in shelling out a fortune for coffee; trust me, I’ve gotta keep it real at times.)! Now, go ahead, call me a […]