Category: Strength training

  • Shoulder injuries suck!

    I’ve been battling with mine for the past couple of years. First, it was the left shoulder and now that it’s healed my right shoulder developed some minor muscle tears due to high-volume kettlebell training. I honestly don’t think it was the exercise or form (both were highly effective, I know because I videoed myself […]

  • Chances are you already have/know it…

    I miss barbell training. I haven’t been doing it for a month (perhaps more) now despite a green flag from the doctor’s office. Just being conservative. Add to this, I haven’t been rolling for the past two weeks either due to an ear injury. My left one got swollen and had to be drained out. […]

  • It’s okay to be injured. Really.

    Just don’t freak out because that’s what makes an injury so much worse. Akin to a popular saying somewhere in the west — “the snake bite doesn’t kill you, it’s the venom.” I’ve had my share of getting injured, rehabbing, combating muscle soreness and everything in between over the past one year or so. It […]

  • Don’t work around it, fix it

    Crises and injuries have one thing in common — they’re both painful experiences. And, yes, that’s an understatement for most cases but I’m constantly amazed by the level of creativity applied by the subjects in distress. They would go the extra mile to work around the challenges than address it head on and eliminate them. […]

  • Do this everyday if you aren’t a teen anymore…

    In retrospect, I think I was the most ‘free’ when I was a teenager. Life in general was so much less stressful. I just didn’t have a care in the world. The pressures of school were negligible compared to what my own 9-year old goes through. I was super-active not only in sports and in […]

  • Mixing strength training with combat sports

    I rolled (or sparring in BJJ) 4 times this week, including an open mat yesterday. It was fun and educational. I’ve got to up my game if I am to get better. And the only way to do that is to go from training twice a week to thrice a week or more. The challenge, […]

  • It’s just week 4 and I’m so bored with hypertrophy training

    I’m not sure if all strength athletes feel this way. I most certainly do. Been focusing on hypertrophy (think “muscles” and “physique”) training for the past four weeks. It’s been fun but not as hard as my usual training is. That said, there are a boat load of exercises that I just can’t seem to […]

  • That thing that builds credibility

    Money and credibility are two of the most sought-after concepts. I said ‘concepts’ because they aren’t just ‘things’ that you can buy from Amazon or your local grocery store. Nor can you earn enough of either! The more the merrier. Or so people think. Now, let me be very clear — money is important but […]

  • You really can’t progress with a mind wide-shut

    Coming off from a significant time-off isn’t easy. It surely hasn’t been easy for me. Particularly from a training perspective. I’ve been trying my best to survive my workouts for the past few weeks. Of course, the focus has changed from strength (low-reps, more sets… think more weight) to hypertrophy (high-reps, medium sets… think muscles) […]

  • Just take a 20-minute walk

    That’s probably the most irritating thing you can ever say to me. I’m serious! I absolutely hate it to the core. Believe me, almost every friend, family member and acquaintance have passed on this worthless piece of advice. Partly because they were concerned that I was spending an inordinate amount of time in the gym […]