The one thing that doesn’t allow you to slow down

Attachments. To an outcome, people, and even the circumstances. Yesterday I found myself driving across the town and back simply because I forgot my passport! How the hell could one forget the main document that would let me inside the airport? Stress! What else? Right when I was about to wrap up my work and […]

Start giving a damn

Flying economy isn’t an excuse to treat your customers like trash. Today I experienced, quite possibly, the worst international flight experience. And I’ve been doing that long enough to know the seats are a little narrower and the crew onboard didn’t demonstrate the pre-flight safety features. If you think that was something, let me assure […]

What you sow is what you reap

Or simply — output equals or is always greater than input. It’s a universal principle you can’t fight against no matter what you do or who you are. It amazes me to the ends to hear wanna be entrepreneurs talk about their ideas but don’t do anything about it. They’re waiting for that perfect time […]

The greatest professional achievement

Any significant/greatest/second-to-none professional achievement can be hard to quantify, let alone track it in an excel sheet. It’s very subjective and way different from the ‘powerful’ statements we write in our glorified resumes. And let’s not forget how our overall performance is impacted by the people involved, risks taken and the outcomes delivered. If you’re […]

High-bar squat vs the low-bar squat and why I’m thinking of switching over to…

Analogous with the strength and powerlifting world is the age-old “high-bar” vs the “low-bar” squat. Here’s powerlifting coach (one of my personal favourite!) Alan Thrall explaining the difference: Alan Thrall – High Bar Squat vs Low Bar Squat Now, Alan is a low-bar squatter. And so are folks from Starting Strength, Barbell Logic and […]

Hollywood Sci-Fi dream machines

The exhibition Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy in collaboration with ComiCon opened at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. It features props, designs and vehicles from the pop culture, sci-fi and fantasy films. The exhibition runs through March 2020, which means you have ample time to slot out time for a […]

It ain’t that bad as you think

Waiting in the queue at the hospital takes a lot of patience. And, unfortunately, I’ve got the “p” word in limited supply. So, I went against the grain today. Gritted my teeth and waited patiently for the 6 people in front of me to get done with their paperwork. After 37 minutes of patiently waiting, […]

Leo Babauta’s 9 rules for a simpler day

I think Leo’s internet’s original minimalist. He was there before all the other minimalists/vagabonds learned how to create a blog account, let alone a Facebook or an Instagram account. His blog, ZenHabits, used to be my constant companion and the go-to online destination during some of the darkest days of my life. While scouring through […]