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I’m quite “peeved”

That’s the best way I would like to put it. But I was to be honest, I’m just irritated. My dermatologist confirmed a sebaceous cyst in my upper/middle back. Though it’s been there since April this year, I wasn’t overly worried since it didn’t bother me much. Perhaps we had an understanding. Something went wrong […]


Having an editorial calendar isn’t enough

Finally! Someone nailed it on the head! It’s been a common perception that having a full calendar is all there is to it for content marketing. Clarification: Your Editorial Calendar is Not Your Content Marketing Strategy! What gives? Well, a lot. Check out this thorough and well-timed post by Michelle Linn.

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Bootstrapping as a coach or a consultant

Great insights on bootstrapping as a solo practitioner from Seth’s podcast last evening. One of the fans asked the pivotal question for folks (the support professionals) like us — “How would an executive coach bootstrap?” Seth’s response was pretty straightforward — Coaches and consultants aren’t bootstrappers but freelancers. They have to fight for each and every […]

Leadership Random Thoughts

Sony’s biggest entertainment failure might surprise you!

Bumped into this great piece (essentially a set of curated tweets by Matthew Ball (he’s something big at REDEF… and he’s good! Follow him on Twitter for more goodness) last evening! Matthew talks in depth (across 16 tweets!) how Sony’s biggest failure hasn’t been the Walkman, its film studio or the mobile business but its […]

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Using a methodology shouldn’t change you, the person

If you’ve been a coach or a trainer for any length of time you sure would’ve been hit with the “that’s how we do this here.” Haven’t you? And trust me, it’s not just the coaches or trainers, it’s technically everyone who’s working for someone or is part of an organization or community. While I […]

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Rejection proof!

If you’re hesitant to ask or answer a question, even if your life depended on it, there’s ought to be a reason for that. And we all know what it is — the fear of rejection. Although rejection is almost never personal (I said, “almost”) it sure does feel like it. Now, I don’t want […]

Strength training

Powerlifting doesn’t care what I look like…

It only cares how strong you are… and you strong you can be! Found this stunningly illustrated post on the sport of powerlifting and what it means for an ordinary person. If lifting heavy-ass weights ever fascinated you, read it!  

Marketing Selling

How Content Can Push Consumers Further in the Buying Cycle

A sensible post on how valuable content push your potential customers into the buying cycle. Which, for the uninitiated, translates to more sales! And let’s not even discount the other great benefits of content but that’s already been discussed here and in about 7.7998 million and a half blog posts elsewhere. Unless you’re in the […]


What kind of content works fast?

Found this “click-baity” piece on Quora that goes in depth about the most effective type of content for “faster” result. Drum rolls, please… Polls Quizzes Webinars SEO YAAWWWNNN… I’m so bored. Give me something new. Could you? Well, honestly, there isn’t anything new under the “marketing sun.” Everything’s already tired and tested. The best type of […]

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Your work is all that matters

I’ll be honest. I’ve been discouraged and distracted the whole day. Wasn’t the most productive Saturdays I’ve had in the recent past. Skipped the gym, ate from out (which for me is mostly clean, but I prefer homemade food over others) and wasn’t in the best of moods to do anything else. So, I took […]