On gratitude practice

Following up on what I wrote on "gratitude practice" yesterday. I felt I should've elaborated a little. So, here I am with my take on what "gratitude practice" is. And trust me, I won't ask you to cry and wail for an hour every day. Though, you can, if that's your style. Here you go: Gratitude [...]

The perfect “routine” for you

You know what everyone’s up to these days? Studying the wealthy and successful’s daily routines. And that’s so nice! It’s heartwarming for people to finally catch up to the “success leaves clues” adage. I’m a firm believer of routines. And been experimenting with that for the past 15 years myself. Starting with the popular “5’o [...]


My friend and I were chatting about her experience of unlearning all that she was learning to be an effective coach. And irrespective of the kind of coaching (work/life/business/executive/leadership/youth/sports) you do, the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of your progress and growth as a coach is almost always your expertise. It's like carrying [...]

Why learn to write copy?

Confession: I wouldn't ever classify myself as a copywriter. Not even a competent one. Though I did my share of copywriting when I was beginning my career in marketing and communications. My first job as a PR assistant at a local transportation agency taught me a lot about marketing, sales and persuading people using words. [...]