Do Nothing!

Isn’t it weird that we fight, argue and complain how chaotic an environment can get for productivity and thinking, only to miss it’s when it’s totally silent? It was a long workday yesterday and I decided to stop by Starbucks to wind down my day and reflect on my wins and learnings from the past [...]

Ogilvy’s Guide to Writing Well

If you've ever wanted a short concise guide to writing well, you've essentially got three options to choose from: 1) William Zinsser's On Writing Well 2) Strunk & White's The Elements of Style (free reference link) 3) David Ogilvy's infamous memo titled "How to Write" While the top two books are quite portable, by reference [...]

A Simple Productivity Hack

If you often end up staring at that motherlode of a to-do list at the start of each day, then congratulations! You've just turned mankind's greatest productivity tool into your life's biggest source of stress! And guess what, it's normal. I've felt that way myself many times. Listing down your items for the day isn't [...]


Had an awesome weekend with some of my work colleagues. Off Site training programs are always fun. Among the many activities we did, white water rafting and paintball shooting stood out. Paintball reminded me of how tough it is to survive in a battle field (even a mock one!) if you're not aware of your surroundings. And, I [...]

Slow Down

Almost every podcast I listen to these days have one thing in common — loads of wisdom. And often the advice that almost 90 percent of the guests on the podcasts tell to their 30-year or 20-year old self is to "slow down." The hard part being a 30-year old is that you've tasted the [...]

Don’t Just Thank Them, Wow Them!

Received a call from BrainWavz last afternoon. I hadn’t raised a complaint. It wasn’t a follow up call either. (I’d purchased a headphone cover from these guys a couple of weeks back, to protect my audio-technica studio monitors — they aren’t as expensive as the other premium brands out there, but I love them!) The [...]