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  • So, you don’t like me swearing? Well, fuck you!

    And I mean it! For a few great reasons: This is who I am as a person. I swear. Yet, I’m nowhere close to some folks whom you personally know! Listen, I’ve tried to suppress my authentic self in the past (be it on stage or the socials or even here) and it hasn’t served […]

  • The authentic leader

    Having worked with several leaders over the course of my career as a service professional, I can confidently say that only a few of them were authentic leaders. And no, I’m not implying the others weren’t any good. Not at all. What I’m saying is that being an authentic leader is a much deeper commitment […]

  • Be what you want to be…

    … just don’t blame others/circumstances/your parents/fate/office politics/the economy if things aren’t working out for you. And that’s not assuming things are always going to be bad. Absolutely not. What I’m suggesting, however, is that you need to own your shit because nobody else is going to do it for you. What peeves me the most […]

  • Fooled by randomness

    I lost my trusty AirPods a couple of days back. And I’ve been cussing under my breath every minute since. For being so stupid. So careless. So inconsiderate. How the hell could I lose them? How could I possibly survive without them? I don’t exaggerate when I say that. I literally had those plugs in […]

  • Advice to 20 year Olds…

    I hate Gary Vaynerchuk for inspiring entrepreneurs to do shit. Half of them do good for themselves. The remaining 25% would fail and go back to doing what they always have done. The rest of them become wannabe-Garys. And that’s a problem. I logged into LinkedIn this afternoon to check on the feeds and review […]

  • Why I feel like punching jerks again…

    I stole that headline from Tim Ferris’ fantastic post: Why I Started Punching Jerks Again. No other title made sense to what I’m about to write. In as many weeks I’ve managed to ruffle some feathers with a couple of goons in the gym (which it seems is somewhat festered with these unique personalities, thankfully not […]

  • Here’s why I try not to miss a single day…

    Of posting a blog… Of doing some form of physical exercise… Of coaching someone or getting coached myself… Of reading… Of spending quality time with family… no matter how small that is… Of asking myself my set to daily questions… I can’t miss these because of my habits. Building them up took a toll on […]

  • Be here, now

    You know what’s the toughest bit when the spotlight’s on you? To be yourself. And it gets worse when you’re literally on stage as a stand-up comic or a speaker/keynote presenter. The feeling’s same even when you’re coaching someone. The problem? We’re wearing different hats and try to “live” the roles. This might sound normal […]