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  • The real reason why our goals keep changing

    Hint — it’s not because we’re lazy but we’re ever evolving. And I even believe if you’re not changing your goals every now and then, (a) you’re probably not hitting them, and (b) not growing at all! Does that mean you change your goals only when you’ve accomplished them? I don’t think so. Our goals […]

  • Be what you want to be…

    … just don’t blame others/circumstances/your parents/fate/office politics/the economy if things aren’t working out for you. And that’s not assuming things are always going to be bad. Absolutely not. What I’m suggesting, however, is that you need to own your shit because nobody else is going to do it for you. What peeves me the most […]

  • The only way to become an established authority…

    Everyone wants to be one. And they want it fast. Authority, influence and power might as well be the most desired and valued social recognition in the 21st century. We can blame it on the internet but I would say it was meant to be this way. We can’t help but change with the times. […]

  • Do what you can’t!

    Alright, let’s face it — if you are creative or think outside-the-box or just want to push the envelope, you will almost always experience resistance. Now that could mean lack of support, perspective, encouragement or a blend of it. I find that incredibly stupid, given that it took you ages just to muster courage to […]

  • Sony’s biggest entertainment failure might surprise you!

    Bumped into this great piece (essentially a set of curated tweets by Matthew Ball (he’s something big at REDEF… and he’s good! Follow him on Twitter for more goodness) last evening! Matthew talks in depth (across 16 tweets!) how Sony’s biggest failure hasn’t been the Walkman, its film studio or the mobile business but its […]