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  • Book recommendations: May 2022

    I’ve got two this month: What got you here will not get you there (Marshall Goldsmith) I think it’s a foundational book for not just leaders and managers but for any competent professional who wants to grow and do meaningful work. The author makes a strong case that most professionals hold on to awful character […]

  • Help yourself to not read self-help

    I’m at a stage in life where I’m not too fond of self-help or anything that looks, feels, and sounds like self-help. Here’s why — most self-help books and products are designed to change you for the better, and they fail. At least 99.99% of the stuff out there are rehashed versions of the stuff […]

  • Tsundoku and the Anti-Library

    The Japanese term for acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up without reading (Tsundoku) them is more universal than people would want to admit. Both digitally and physically. Just take a look around your room, your work desk, your email inbox, read-it-later applications, your note-taking apps, news feeds, and what not. It’s Tsundoku all the way to hell!

  • If you want to go through the book read alone… if you want to master… study together…

    I’ve been studying (again) Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich mastermind online hosted by Paul Martinelli and Roddy Gailbraith. It was fantastic just as expected! This being my second mastermind study with them in as many months. While listening to Paul the other day, he mentioned something profound (paraphrasing), “If you want to go through […]

  • The art of gifting

    I’m not sure if such a thing exists but then, I know there are people (including some of my close friends and, of course, my better half!) who’re really great at gifting. I’m not. In fact, I just suck! Nonetheless, all that self-criticism doesn’t really help matters. I used to believe extending a gift is […]