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  • Congratulating an entrepreneur on raising funds…

    … is like congratulating a chef on buying vegetables! Said a LinkedIn influencer recently. I couldn’t help but think about the role an entrepreneur plays in the grander scheme of our society. Is their role simply restricted to raise funds to build their companies or perish? Is their success measured of how quickly they scale […]

  • Why haggling for pricing is bad karma for you

    Don’t let them haggle I hate to argue. Particularly, over price as I don’t think it’s worth my time or energy to argue over a few dollars when my work’s at stake. Although I’m aware that some people derive absolute pleasure haggling their way to saving a few dollars (pennies, in some cases). I can’t […]

  • The ideal audience

    There’s an audience for everyone. It’s just a matter of time before you find them or even better, they find you. Marketers are obsessed with audience personas and for a very solid reason — it helps them reach out the relevant people in an efficient manner. But even then, they may not experience the desirable […]

  • Do the behaviour!

    Sometime early last year I reflected on the amount of energy I was spending on my side-hustle. It was every-single-day. I also realised I was investing a lot of time writing, consuming educational/informative content by way of books, seminars, webinars, video courses, and everything in between. They were very informative and they did nothing to […]

  • Growing and scaling aren’t the same thing

    Had a casual chat with a bright and energetic young entrepreneur working in the blockchain space. Till yesterday, I’d been fascinated with the concept but never made the effort to actually get into the ‘weeds.’ The conversation helped me learn a chunk more about blockchain, cryptocurrency and the whole enchilada than what I would learn […]

  • Bootstrapping as a coach or a consultant

    Great insights on bootstrapping as a solo practitioner from Seth’s podcast last evening. One of the fans asked the pivotal question for folks (the support professionals) like us — “How would an executive coach bootstrap?” Seth’s response was pretty straightforward — Coaches and consultants aren’t bootstrappers but freelancers. They have to fight for each and every […]

  • You don’t need reassurance, it’s futile!

    “You don’t need reassurance. It’s futile. Because reassurance runs out really fast. Embrace a simple idea: you are not selling at people, you are not doing this to people, you are doing it for them.” — Seth Godin If there’s one piece of wisdom you need to bootstrap or kickstart your side gig you just […]

  • Going solo as a bootstrapper

    I’m a fan of microbusinesses. It’s just the right kind of business for me personally since I’m not that swashbuckling entrepreneur every raves about. I don’t wish to be one. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to earn money while one sleeps but I’d rather focus on a business that pays for the value I create working […]

  • Reasons for not planning so much…

    If you’ve been thinking about starting a business or that project you’ve been waiting to get your hands on for the past 18 months, here’s the best advice that I (and even Seth Godin) would give: Stop planning and start doing. Just finished rereading (the second manifesto this week along with two other books) Seth’s […]