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  • A better way to teach and earn online

    If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how come all of a sudden everyone I know seems to be doing what I’m doing?” believe me, you’re not alone. I have experienced that dialogue myself, and now I’ve come to the terms that there are just way too many people in the world, and I can’t do anything […]

  • Finding your profitable niche

    Most entrepreneurs, bootstrappers, and freelancers know that niches bring riches. But most don’t realise that niches are needs that are specific to particular demography or psychography. So, finding your niche is about providing a solution to the challenges that people are looking to resolve. The challenge of finding a profitable niche is that people don’t […]

  • Bringing “This Might Not Work” back to the fore…

    Life’s been pretty dull the past few months, thanks to COVID and the lockdowns that ensued, and I’ve been craving for a new challenge. This past week I reflected on the things that are going well and the things that can improve, only to realise that there’s this huge void in my life that I […]

  • This probably isn’t for you

    One of my missions is to create products and services that makes me fulfilled as a teacher and coach. Yes, I know it’s selfish but I would rather think about my own standards than sucking up to my clients (students, in my case), peers, and authority figures to seek their validation. Marketers and business owners […]

  • Sales doesn’t have to be gimmicky

    I remember last year I heard about a new business development strategy that leverages the power of your LinkedIn connections to a whole new level. The concept is pretty simple: Invite your target audience. Starting with 50 people a day to over 500 in a week. Keep track of them in a spreadsheet. At the […]

  • Choose your clients wisely

    The best way I know to separate yourself from everyone else is to narrow the scope of your target audience. Yes, like the minimum viable audience (MVA) but not exactly. Why? Because even your MVA will have a bunch of bloodsuckers who hate to pay money for the value you provide. It’s quite possible because […]

  • Let us partner for a change, can we?

    The past two weeks I’ve been busy following up with a bunch of recruitment agencies for hiring a couple of graphic and presentation design resources. Heard back from half a dozen of them this morning and it wasn’t pleasant. Apparently, these companies have a criteria that my firm doesn’t fall into and hence they cannot […]

  • It’s never about the price!

    They say if hearing your price doesn’t make your prospects or clients gasp you’re not changing enough. And I totally second that opinion. Here’s the thing: The ones who’re stuck with the price tag or the “cost” of working won’t ever play at a world-class level. They don’t understand the difference between value and cost. […]

  • Who vouches for you?

    Chances are many would, but all the hard work you’ve done over the years amounts to nothing if you’ve got no proof! I know it’s elementary but this is worth thinking about — how often have you gone out of your way to get that testimonial or positive feedback that you so much deserve? I […]

  • Love selling, but love building relationships more

    So I shared yesterday’s post with a bunch of friends (just for kicks, not validation of course!). And one of my coach friends shot back stating “I sense a strong aversion to selling or being judged. Is that the case?” Ouch! Of course, not! I love to sell! Not in a crazy way but the […]