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  • Care for a simpler business model?

    I think most freelancers and creative entrepreneurs ruin it for themselves by either limiting what they do or offer way too much, enough to overwhelm potential clients. Like that writer you know who does only case studies for cancer-fighting pharmaceuticals or another one who does it all — business writing, copywriting, technical writing, and even […]

  • The vendor on-boarding experience

    While this quite possibly could be a wild theory, my gut says there are several companies across the globe that pay attention to the ‘vendor on-boarding’ experience. What’s that? Well, it’s pretty much like the employee on-boarding experience but for vendors. As you know, a vendor is a service provider. Just like you and/or your […]

  • Why calling “performance management” by some other name wouldn’t mean anything

    It’s the most ridiculous things I’ve heard this year — organizations trying redesign ‘performance management.’ The hope is to go beyond processes and models (or shiny tools) and focus on a new mindset with a new purpose. By all means, it’s a great thought. We ought to think about performance management from a new perspective […]

  • Should you pivot?

    My response is almost always, “NO.” Because I know, while the temptation of changing course is real, there are no guarantees the new pathway will lead you to success. One of the fundamentals before even considering a pivot is to ensure that you’ve checked all the marks for your business’ position, strategy, branding, marketing, and […]

  • It’s never about the price!

    They say if hearing your price doesn’t make your prospects or clients gasp you’re not changing enough. And I totally second that opinion. Here’s the thing: The ones who’re stuck with the price tag or the “cost” of working won’t ever play at a world-class level. They don’t understand the difference between value and cost. […]

  • You can’t teach people how to…

    I’m a huge fan of Guy Raz’s How I Built This podcast. I’ve been following it for the past couple of years and genuinely think it’s one of the best podcasts in the space. I just love the interviews. Heard Janice Bryant Howroyd, CEO of The ACT-1 Group, the largest privately held, woman owned workforce […]

  • When the workforce ruins the whole experience for you…

    I’m still recovering from my surgery and still dependent on Uber to ger around the city. Though I did drive to office yesterday, it wasn’t as great an experience as I’d imagined. I was a bit conscious about that bandaged dressing on my back. Anyway, I booked a cab to get to a family ceremony […]

  • You can’t grow your business without this

    I’ve had the fortune of building a business from the ground up twice. Because both were my own businesses, the process was much simpler. I knew the target audience, their wants, needs and most importantly the pain point I wanted to solve. The ventures, however, were a flop because I didn’t have enough hands (and […]