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  • Lead change using the Three-stage model of the change process

    Change is inevitable, so managing change shouldn’t just be an expectation but a leader’s core responsibility. A few years ago, I stumbled on the Three-stage model of the Change Process by Edgar Schein, which I’ve successfully adapted in multiple organizational interventions. It goes something like this: Stage 1: UnfreezingCreating motivation and mentally preparing the teams […]

  • Immediate returns for effective behavioural change

    In the 1990s, public health researcher Stephen Luby, working in the neighbourhood of Karachi, Pakistan, achieved a huge 52-percent reduction in diarrhea among the local children. Pneumonia rates dropped by 48 percent, and skin infections by 35 percent. Luby’s secret? Nice soap. Luby had known that handwashing and basic sanitation were essential to reducing illness. […]

  • Courage changes culture

    I’m ever so fascinated with Alan Mullally, who took over as CEO of Ford in 2006 to turn the company’s fortunes around. Last week while listening to a podcast, I heard Alan describe how difficult it was initially to encourage people to break out of their silos and shake up the status quo. People, particularly […]

  • Managing effective leadership transitions

    Building a succession plan, creating an leadership pipeline, and facilitating a leadership transition are three of the most important strategic initiatives for any established organisation. Ideally. The complexities of corporations (whatever that means) don’t allow enough room to think or act in these “ideal” terms. In my experience, barring a handful of small & medium […]

  • What keeps people from changing?

    Continuing with our theme of exploring change… I believe the number 1 reason that keeps people from changing is the excessive focus on what they’re going to lose. In other words, FOMO or the fear of missing out. (I know, I know, FOMO is going out of fashion but I’m sure you can resonate with […]

  • Leading change begins with knowing what needs to change

    Not everyone’s fond of change. It’s uncomfortable. It’s messy. And it’s unclear for the most part, until it isn’t. And one of the key attributes of leadership is the ability to create and influence positive change. The people I get to interact with in my leadership development work are most the enthusiastic kind. They’re all […]

  • Why calling “performance management” by some other name wouldn’t mean anything

    It’s the most ridiculous things I’ve heard this year — organizations trying redesign ‘performance management.’ The hope is to go beyond processes and models (or shiny tools) and focus on a new mindset with a new purpose. By all means, it’s a great thought. We ought to think about performance management from a new perspective […]

  • You can change a dozen things or start with just one

    One of the most popular activities among seasoned trainers and facilitators is to have the participants stand up and pick a partner. And after that, they’re all asked to change 12 things about their appearance (tousle up their hair, unbuckle their belt… one gentlemen even unzipped his pants)! The response is almost always overwhelming! Some […]