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All transformations begin with this…

The other day a friend asked me about the difference between intentional leadership and transformational leadership. The question got me thinking as I’ve always thought transformations at any scale is intentional. While it still holds true, I also realised that transformations happen because of intentions. Transformational movements require transformational leaders. Jim Collins I think a […]

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This too shall pass

Could this be the worst the world has ever seen? With all due respect and without minimising the seriousness of the situation — I don’t think so. We’ve see more than a dozen crises’ over the past 20 years such as the Y2K/dot com bubble burst (2000), 911 attacks (2001), SARs (2003-4), the global financial […]

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What you’re not aware of controls you…

Someone wise once said, “the first call of leadership is identifying reality.” And you do that by gaining knowledge and insights about your situation, surroundings, and most importantly yourself. This last bit seems to be missing in pursuit of knowledge acquisition. Why? Mere knowledge is only potential power, waiting to be tapped into. Having a […]


People want answers… but they are always in the questions

Surprised? Well, most of my prospects are when I walk them through the discovery sessions where they experience the power of the coaching process. By the end of these session, they have greater insights on their lives and know why coaching can help them get to that “next level” in life. Unfortunately, the above isn’t […]

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Who you learn from matters a lot

YouTube is a great learning resource but I also believe it’s a dangerous place. Think about it — everyone out there is either an expert or a master of something. In fact, I’m yet to see a channel that’s run by an ordinary person who’s documenting his/her life as it is. While I’m pretty sure […]

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Drip by the drip

The past two weeks have been full of action. Lots of time on the mat rolling with several accomplished BJJ athletes. It’s humbling and equally frustrating to realise how much you don’t know what you don’t know with each passing session. Though, I’m much more comfortable with going full-on sparring these days, I get stuck […]

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It’s not about getting solutions but discovering them

Almost everyone I know confuses coaching with consulting or mentoring. And when I do try to explain most respond back clarifying, “what’s the damn point if the coach doesn’t have solutions to my challenges?” Reasonable, right? I used to think just that until I started to get coached and then explore, research, study and get […]

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Changing oil couldn’t have saved the Titanic!

I’m pretty sure it didn’t have a chance. Nope. And here’s why — the problem was that damn iceberg! The engine was doing just fine. Perhaps a little too smooth to sail right into that slab of ice! Sorry if that sounds a little crude. I know more than 1,500 innocent passengers were killed that […]

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Getting more focused with limited formats

I’ve always been big on teaching and training people. It’s some thing I was born to do. I believe focused training interventions are the fastest way to up-skill teams and fast track their performance. Of course, subsequent coaching and hyper-concentrated follow-up sessions are greatly effective to make the learning permanent but not every stakeholder is […]

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What would you like to happen?

Like everyone, I get overwhelmed too. Lots of options, possibilities, and tactics to consider for my work, family, passion, business, training, routines, books, and sometimes even music! And it does get stressful at times, so much so that I keep wondering why do I keep making my life miserable. But that’s just another day at […]