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  • Resume: a personal branding marketing collateral?

    I remember the first time I created my resume. Searched online and used a sample resume as a template for an entry-level position at a bunch of places, including Pizza Hut (where I did work for a few weeks). I didn’t have a printer, so I had to visit a cyber cafe (which were minting […]

  • The FUEL coaching model

    Bumped into the FUEL coaching model last week and I’ve been fascinated by its simplicity and ease of use. I wouldn’t call it a step up from the GROW model of coaching but an alternate framework to try out with your clients. If you’re asking “why the heck would I try out something new during […]

  • Good questions inform; great questions transform!

    Steve Jobs asked one profound question that transformed Apple from the verge of bankruptcy to a trillion-dollar company! What was the question? “Who is Apple and where do we fit in this world?” And here’s how he articulated the response to his question: What we’re about is not making boxes for people to get their […]

  • Can you be my life coach? 

    The answer is NO. Particularly when you’re so desperate for solutions. Almost 70% of my potential clients would absolutely ask this question. And here’s the bummer, I don’t market myself as a life coach nor do I have any desire to become a life coach. I’m an executive coach, which can turn into life coaching […]

  • When shouldn’t you hire a coach?

    I’ve been getting a lot of queries for coaching services lately. And as much as I love to coach someone professionally/personally, not everyone makes the cut. I end up refusing more than half of the leads that come through. Why? Because for the most part, the potential clients aren’t ready to get coached! Here’s the […]

  • I’m an Executive Coach!

    THERE! I said it! Had a hard time mustering enough courage to get that out in the public. Not anymore. What changed? A shift in perspective. I had a realization this afternoon — the way I introduce myself usually suck! I start with my organization, what it does (and a minute and a half have […]