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  • Oops… she did it again!

    Ages back, my best friend disclosed his secret crush on Britney Spears, who was the hottest thing on planet earth, at least as per the press, media, and teenagers. Every person in my class was either singing her songs or raving about her personality and popularity. Hell, they even switched to Pepsi because Britney was […]

  • The difference between a mentor and an informant

    I recently finished watching The Family Man’s second season, an Indian action thriller series. And it was fantastic! The story, plot, and characters are well-developed, making it a worthy contender on your watchlist. I’ve noticed a trend lately on web series — characters from the most popular ones get immortalised in our culture through viral […]

  • Maybe, you are naive!

    An exciting prospect called the other day. He was looking for a coach who could help him resolve some of the interpersonal challenges he faced the past few years. In his words, “my inability to make things work with the people around me have set me back by at least 4-5 years, and it’s demotivation […]

  • To be ignorant and ask questions

    “My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.” (Peter Drucker) I’m pretty sure my former boss hated the quote above. That’s why the last thing he told me during an annual performance review was, “Sunil, try to go easy on your questions; you ask a lot of them!” […]

  • Why selling is a challenge with coaches and consultants?

    As one of the oldest professions in the world, selling has done a less-than-commendable job in positioning itself. Even the sales experts have been selling the idea that “everybody’s a salesperson,” but nobody’s buying that. Sure, people call it “business development” nowadays, but who are we fooling. And all that bad PR doesn’t encourage people […]

  • Better engagement with the team

    While employee engagement is all the rage (and for the right reasons) these days, leaders need to realize that a large part often depends on how they show up as humans at the workplace. I found these simple and timeless insights on how to engage with your employees better. I’ve been trying these for years […]

  • Adding too much value

    A classic problem that almost every successful and competent leader has is this overwhelming desire to add their two cents to every discussion. And I mean every-single-discussion. It’s damn irritating. I know because I used to be one of them. The challenge with accomplished leaders (and you will see a lot of this among military […]

  • Please, don’t make the other person meditate!

    One of the biggest mistakes I made last week was to attend a peer-to-peer coaching session that was open to all. I didn’t see any option that required me to validate my coaching credentials. So, if you’re interested in “coaching” someone, just sign-up and you will be “matched” with someone to coach and be coached. […]

  • Not a coach but an entrepreneur providing coaching services

    We’re well past the middle of November, which for me means that it’s time to reflect and study on the year that’s about to fade out, for good, I must say. If you think this might be a tad too early a time for self-reflection, you’re probably right. But I can’t cram all the year’s […]

  • Effective leadership is a lot like coaching

    The ultimate goal of any coach is to help their clients achieve their highest potential. And once they reach that goal, most coaches to transition to “maintenance” mode where they connect with their clients once a month (or perhaps, a quarter) while moving on to pursue other assignments. Essentially, they work themselves out of their […]