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Make your workplace great again!

I know it’s easier said than done but it sure is up a committed leader’s alley. A fearless organisation is one that provides psychological safety, encourages open communication, and makes it safe for all employees to fail. Of course, I don’t mean failing deliberately but doing one’s best while embracing failures as and when it […]

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How have you been and how are you doing?

I’ve seen a spike in the number of WhatsApp messages I’ve been receiving of late. Almost all are a variant of the following message: Hey, Sunil! How have you been? I hope all is well?Stay safe and strong. Cheers! And I’ve done my best to respond to each of these messages. Generic or not, it’s […]


Not a great time to tell stories

They say, “desperate times calls for desperate measures,” and having closely observed the actions of global leaders the past two weeks, I’ve realised that communication amidst crises is one of the toughest leadership skill. The situation calls for clear, direct, and succinct messages that highlight the tactical, practical, focused plans of action. This isn’t the […]

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Leadership and self-deception

It’s not only one of my favourite books of all time, it is the book that I have revisited multiple times in a year since 2009. I got to know last week that the book now has a revised and expanded 3rd edition in print. So, I ordered the new edition and gave it a […]

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Whatever you say, you will be misunderstood

That’s like a general rule of communication most of us, including the experts, don’t acknowledge. And irrespective of how good a communicator you are, making an effort to be understood is critical to avoid the typical “failure to communicate” scenarios. When it comes to aspects of communication, I’ve learned a great bit from teacher and […]

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Logically speaking

One of the great burdens of being observant is that you get to hear a lot of blunt assertions that beats both logic and emotions. And when questions, we end up in a baseless argument that does nobody any good. The solution? I don’t have one. But something I’ve learned over the years is that […]

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Do you speak English?

I came across a debate while going through my LinkedIn feeds the other day. It was around the importance of English, fluency and command over the language, for recruitment, selection, and career purposes. While in general, I find these conversations lame as they really don’t prove except that people will root for the candidate who […]

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The one thing you can’t screw up at the workplace…

Communication, what else? Ironically, it’s possibly the default aspect that we break at all times. Not because it is hard, we just make it for ourselves. Thanks to our desire to stay in-the-know at all times. And although communication breakdowns happen in organisations of all sizes, it’s the most prevalent in smaller organisations. I believe […]

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Governance always starts with better communication

India’s in splits as the new Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) and National Registry of Citizens (NRC) officially takes its place in our legislation. Most people are either anxious, confused, and angered by this nationalist (Hindutva) agenda. And of course, we do have our share of supporters and opposition to this bill. It’s complicated. It’s messy […]

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The most important communication skill that the gurus don’t talk about

It’s not speaking or presentation (with an emphasis on “pre”) skills despite the millions of dollars corporates and individuals alike shell out to get trained on it. Heck, there are gurus who make a living by speaking and creating information products on “speaking and presenting better” every year! But I’m digressing here. I believe the […]