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  • Why selling is a challenge with coaches and consultants?

    As one of the oldest professions in the world, selling has done a less-than-commendable job in positioning itself. Even the sales experts have been selling the idea that “everybody’s a salesperson,” but nobody’s buying that. Sure, people call it “business development” nowadays, but who are we fooling. And all that bad PR doesn’t encourage people […]

  • The demand and supply problem

    There are too many life coaches, trainers, and independent consultants out there. So much so that I’ve been hesitant to call myself an executive or a leadership development coach until most recently. (And I’m still not comfortable and am seriously thinking of changing it to something else.) Just take a look around, chances are 8 […]

  • Why workshops aren’t an answer to skills development

    The golden age for learning and development (L&D) professionals was perhaps the 90s, the 2000s and perhaps the early 2010s. The industry has done pretty well for itself (multi-billion dollar!) and so have the trainers and facilitators (multi-millionaires). And the best of them may have delivered tens of thousands of workshops over these years. I […]

  • It’s the “marketplace” stupid!

    One of my agendas for the day was to create a profile on Upwork as an Executive Coach. Not exactly my way of doing things but the idea was suggested by one of my benefactors. And since it didn’t hurt to create one, I just made it. Of course, I looked up other coaches in […]

  • Bootstrapping as a coach or a consultant

    Great insights on bootstrapping as a solo practitioner from Seth’s podcast last evening. One of the fans asked the pivotal question for folks (the support professionals) like us — “How would an executive coach bootstrap?” Seth’s response was pretty straightforward — Coaches and consultants aren’t bootstrappers but freelancers. They have to fight for each and every […]