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  • Courage changes culture

    I’m ever so fascinated with Alan Mullally, who took over as CEO of Ford in 2006 to turn the company’s fortunes around. Last week while listening to a podcast, I heard Alan describe how difficult it was initially to encourage people to break out of their silos and shake up the status quo. People, particularly […]

  • The virtue of “value”

    Everyone’s got values. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what they value until they either reflect on it or work with someone to identify their core values. And I say this from my experience as a coach. It’s okay not to know what your values are. But exploring what they are is a worthy pursuit should […]

  • The “C” Word

    The one thing we all need the most in tough and uncertain times is courage. Heck, I think we need it during the good times as well! Think about it — we have opportunities to take risks, lead, or perhaps, face the critics even in the good times. If you’re a leader, know that you […]

  • What it means to be a professional?

    professional /prəˈfɛʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ adjective relating to or belonging to a profession. Example: “young professional people” engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as an amateur. Example: a professional boxer” noun noun: professional; plural noun: professionals a person engaged or qualified in a profession. “Example: professionals such as lawyers and surveyors” a […]

  • On progress

    One of the best things about my BJJ practice is the instant feedback that I get during practice. I have been out of action due to ear hematoma the past three weeks. So, obviously, practice or even going to the gym wasn’t an option. I couldn’t train at home as it would make me sweat […]

  • A word on professional courage

    We know that courage isn’t the lack of fear but acknowledging it doing what needs to be done regardless. For most of us, it’s a personal quest add a little more courage as we mature. In the professional world, particularly at the workplace, courage often translates to giving and receiving feedback as they’re directly responsible […]

  • How Tobias Lütke built Shopify

    I first heard this episode earlier this year and then again a couple of days back. I first heard this episode on NPR’s How I built This podcast earlier this year and then again a couple of days back. I was driving when the episode finished and I couldn’t resist but pullover my car and […]

  • Here’s what I do when I don’t have anything valuable to say or write

    I stare at the screen for a pretty darn long time. Stare some more until I start typing out a headline (which is usually the central idea I want to talk about) and expand further. But then, I just might erase something because my heart’s really not into writing about that particular topic. That happened […]

  • When you’re too scared to ask questions

    As much as I would like leaders to be more compassionate and empathetic with their subordinates, I also would prefer the latter to have the courage, humility and discipline to follow through on their responsibilities as team players. That goes beyond their KRAs and KPIs. And if that requires one to call out on an […]