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  • Now that I’m over it… why do I still have to create content?

    After reading day before yesterday’s post, someone asked me, “Sunil, why even bother with your blog and podcast when you’ve decided to just focus on your executive leadership career?” Without a doubt, a solid question and something most followers of this blog might be wondering themselves. I don’t think our career choices have to be […]

  • My publishing strategy from 2015 and what I’ve learned from it

    Alright, I have no intention of turning back the time, but the past few days, I’ve been going over my notes from yesteryears, and I now realise that I had grossly underestimated myself. Check this out: Publishing Strategy Blog continuously for the next six months (aim for 12-15 articles, possibly more) January 1, 2015—repost one […]

  • Observations are all that we have

    I don’t think I’m smarter, wiser, or any better than the writers, business people, psychologists, or experts out there. And that’s not coming from a place of insecurity but heightened awareness. I can’t think the way these professionals do, which is highly analytical. That could be because I’m lazy or simply because I don’t feel […]

  • The solopreneur’s guide to content marketing

    If there’s anyone who despises the word “content marketing” more than I do, let me know. Because I don’t think anyone else on this planet has reasons to hate one of the most popular forms of marketing. Here’s one of the reasons — despite being a “certified” content marketing professional, I couldn’t build a business […]

  • How you can leverage content in 2020

    Let’s be honest — irrespective of your objective, if you’re looking for information you can find it in a matter of seconds. Consider this: More than 500 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube right this minute! There are over 17 million active podcasts right now. Close to 600 million blogs exist of which, […]

  • Bringing “This Might Not Work” back to the fore…

    Life’s been pretty dull the past few months, thanks to COVID and the lockdowns that ensued, and I’ve been craving for a new challenge. This past week I reflected on the things that are going well and the things that can improve, only to realise that there’s this huge void in my life that I […]

  • Creating change with generosity

    It’s a well acknowledged notion that you’ve got to be in the right position or know someone who is, to exact change. I think those factors are useful and might help but aren’t the only ones influencing change. There’s more to it. Years ago, I was hired by a corporate client for a long-term copywriting […]

  • Generosity isn’t a strategy

    The list of people who create content daily is much smaller than the ones who create content often. The former lot may/may not show up higher in search rankings the rankings. Some may not show up at all. And that’s totally okay for the majority of them as their livelihoods aren’t dependent on the content […]

  • What if you run out of content or things to say?

    That’s an existential question every content creator faces today. With the ginormous amount of content out there (videos, audios, texts and what not) prolific content creator are always on the edge of yet another crises — no content. At least nothing significant to say. I get it. I face the blank page almost every other […]

  • Random thoughts are for real

    Bumped into a former colleague yesterday. It was a chance encounter but a good one nonetheless. It’s great to catch up with someone from work after ages! He was blown away with the things I have been doing lately (it’s the usual stuff that you know of… but folks these days get easily impressed with […]