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No input, no output

I don’t know about you but off-late, I’ve been feeling a whole lot ickier when someone mentions “content creation.” And I could almost die if they ask how I create content on a daily basis! I don’t! I share my observations through writing, speaking (including my podcast), and curating topics that interest me. Period. Yes, […]

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Creating change with generosity

It’s a well acknowledged notion that you’ve got to be in the right position or know someone who is, to exact change. I think those factors are useful and might help but aren’t the only ones influencing change. There’s more to it. Years ago, I was hired by a corporate client for a long-term copywriting […]

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The coaching manager

I know, I know… it’s what everyone expects from a manager these days. Albeit, hard to come by, particularly if one’s so used to micro-managing each and every aspect of production or a project. They say, “old habits, die hard.” Let me tell you, this one’s the hardest to let go off. (I say that […]


You don’t quite need talent or the tools to be creative

It’s born out of necessity. We’ve all known that yet the most common response I get when I ask designers their thoughts on style and brand guidelines is that, “guidelines are way too restrictive. They just kill creativity.” I hate that response but I will have to live with it because I don’t have the […]

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Staying creative in chaotic times

Listen, everyone’s creative because “creativity” is synonymous with being cool. I shouldn’t have said that aloud but there it is… the cold hard truth. It’s like those two guys I saw in an Apple ad (or perhaps it somewhere else?) years ago: Guy 1: “I’m creative. I need a mac.” Guy 2: “Dude, you’re a […]

Fascinating Random Thoughts

Boredom is good for you, if you let it

Found this fascinating video by psychologist Dr. Sandi Mann, who explains why boredom can be a powerful emotion. Dr. Mann’s book, The Upside of Downtime: Why Boredom Is Good, explores how embracing boredom can be good for you. She shares some of the key findings in this great article on… Boredom sparks creativityAt its […]

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Talent is (still) overrated

And I guess it always will be. I’ve always backed the original argument because I personally know countless professionals who’ve managed to achieve success by sheer hard work. They would never consider themselves to be talented. Arguably though. There’s the thing — talent is your potential. And that isn’t enough. You need to convert your […]

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Why even bother with side projects

Regardless of who you’re working for (yourself or someone else), you should have a side project. Period. It’s not about hustling to make millions. If it happens, great! If not, that isn’t the point anyway. I’ve been working on numerous side-projects since 2007. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t made a nickel off any of […]