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Define it before you resolve it

We know the world’s in a crises right now. And it’s imperative that authorities, leaders, and influencers define the crises they’re facing before they go about resolving it. Of course, it’s COVID-19 but it isn’t the only crises we’re dealing with right now. Let’s not forget racism/discrimination, protests, government authorities abusing power, strifes over border […]

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Listening intently

I’ve come to believe the listening is an art and nobody can teach you to become a world-class listener over a webinar or a course (online or offline). Sure, the latter will help you understand the principles, practice, and application of listening but things change drastically when you try to do it yourself. Part of […]


Breaking the chain

They say every crisis is a leadership opportunity. Yours has arrived. COVID-19 has taken over our lives for a good measure and the onus is onto each one of us to break this chain and get to stability sooner than it’s too late. You can take extreme measures or perhaps what makes the most sense […]