The Seven Wastes

I’ve been fascinated with all things Japanese since I was a kid. Perhaps it was the martial arts (Judo, Jiu-jitsu, and Kendo) or that soothing sensation I used to feel after studying a chapter (Koan) from a book on Zen Buddhism, I was in love with the culture. And as I grew older, I delved […]

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The 5x5x5 system for tracking performance

While I see and hear more companies eliminating performance reviews, I’m not fully convinced if that is the best way forward. Particularly when the generations of employees working with us care more about their growth, performance and data to back their efforts. Heck, these companies themselves are going crazy about AI and big data! What’s […]

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A lot of things can be fixed by hard work

Was listening to David Goggins riff on how a lot of things can be fixed by simply working hard. And I agree with him, not because of his hard-earned accomplishments or my addiction to motivational junk (like most folks are these days), but from my own experience where I fixed my challenges by simply working […]