Tag: ego is the enemy

  • So, the streak has ended

    Now, truthfully, I saw this coming years ago but was happy it didn’t happen sooner. I have been behind my posts for months now. And as you know, once behind, there’s only so much you can catch up on unless something is on the line. That’s rarely the case with a blog, personal or professional. […]

  • Having unconditional belief in their greatness

    Talent management is both a science and an art. And it’s one of the greatest modern-day challenges in organisations across industries and sizes. It’s something companies are willing to pay big bucks to consultants like me who specialise in hiring and managing talent. Now, hiring talent is a challenge by itself but managing them is […]

  • The myth of Icarus and Daedalus

    Found this stupendous video by the good folks at TED-Ed that documents the genius of Deadalus and explains how his ego and hubris cued the great fall of Icarus. I think it’s a great lesson for all humanity — of the present and future. The price to deviate from the path of moderation is great. […]

  • Fooled by randomness

    I lost my trusty AirPods a couple of days back. And I’ve been cussing under my breath every minute since. For being so stupid. So careless. So inconsiderate. How the hell could I lose them? How could I possibly survive without them? I don’t exaggerate when I say that. I literally had those plugs in […]

  • Getting out of your own way

    It’s difficult to master. I’ve been trying to do so for the past many years with moderate success. Be it coaching, leadership, training coachees in the classroom or in the gym or even relationships, I have been responsible for some of the most significant fuck ups. And that’s putting it lightly. What got in the […]