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  • That’s all folks!

    Among the many life decisions I have made, the one I took this weekend has to be the hardest one ever. After nine years of constant struggle, frustration, and restlessness, I quit entrepreneurship for good. It’s been one heck of a ride. And as I write this, I must say — I don’t feel anything […]

  • Why I’m switching to the Patreon model?

    Like most solopreneurs, I’ve been thinking about building a membership website, creating a course, and growing my email list for ages now. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to progress on any of those goals, not because I lacked a plan, but because I had way too many options to choose from.  Life as someone managing […]

  • A better way to teach and earn online

    If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how come all of a sudden everyone I know seems to be doing what I’m doing?” believe me, you’re not alone. I have experienced that dialogue myself, and now I’ve come to the terms that there are just way too many people in the world, and I can’t do anything […]

  • Add a little patience to it

    One of the shared passions among all solopreneurs and wantrepreneurs is the “metrics.” That could be about their target monthly income or the number of clients they would like to get by a certain point in time, or worse, buy a fancy gadget to prove that they’ve made it in life. Although there’s nothing wrong […]

  • Not a coach but an entrepreneur providing coaching services

    We’re well past the middle of November, which for me means that it’s time to reflect and study on the year that’s about to fade out, for good, I must say. If you think this might be a tad too early a time for self-reflection, you’re probably right. But I can’t cram all the year’s […]

  • Congratulating an entrepreneur on raising funds…

    … is like congratulating a chef on buying vegetables! Said a LinkedIn influencer recently. I couldn’t help but think about the role an entrepreneur plays in the grander scheme of our society. Is their role simply restricted to raise funds to build their companies or perish? Is their success measured of how quickly they scale […]

  • How you can leverage content in 2020

    Let’s be honest — irrespective of your objective, if you’re looking for information you can find it in a matter of seconds. Consider this: More than 500 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube right this minute! There are over 17 million active podcasts right now. Close to 600 million blogs exist of which, […]

  • Find the first 10 and then the other 990

    If you’re an entrepreneur (perhaps a wantreprenuer?) or know people who are, chances are you have heard or read Kevin Kelly’s take on the 1000 true fans. It’s probably one of the most useful marketing lessons of all time. A practical strategy to maintain one’s sanity while building a sustainable business over time. The only […]

  • Perhaps you’re not cut out for it?

    I think by now it’s pretty clear that being an entrepreneur is a status symbol for most people, besides being famous and rich. I said “most people” because I don’t include real entrepreneurs in that category. They’re a different breed and the sooner we (the others!) realise that the better it is for them. Particularly, […]

  • How Tobias Lütke built Shopify

    I first heard this episode earlier this year and then again a couple of days back. I first heard this episode on NPR’s How I built This podcast earlier this year and then again a couple of days back. I was driving when the episode finished and I couldn’t resist but pullover my car and […]