Simpler tools. Lesser tools.

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know I can get nerd about productivity and tools at ends. It’s an exciting topic that has profoundly affected the way I work and live. Over the years, however, I have also realized that productivity tools, routines, and tips can only take you so far.…… Continue reading Simpler tools. Lesser tools.

The last productivity advice you’re ever going to need

You’re not a machine. So, measuring your productivity shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. And optimizing and managing your priorities is a life-long process that will go through a thousand iterations by the time you’re finally through. Instead of focusing on GTD or any other complex methodologies, create a system that’s easier for you to understand…… Continue reading The last productivity advice you’re ever going to need

Writing apps for Windows

I’m a productivity nerd of the highest order, and I’m constantly refining, exploring, and experimenting with the latest and significant when it comes to apps, frameworks, and methodologies. So, much so that I’m thinking maybe “productivity” should be one of my considerations for a research topic for my PhD thesis. I’m not kidding. The other…… Continue reading Writing apps for Windows