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  • Don’t wait until it’s too late

    Last night I had some time to kill but was way tired to read a book or something interesting online. I wanted to relax a bit, so, I did what any smart, talent, and highly intelligent person would do — log onto Netflix! The voice inside me screamed while browsing through the catalog, “who on […]

  • The most important communication skill that the gurus don’t talk about

    It’s not speaking or presentation (with an emphasis on “pre”) skills despite the millions of dollars corporates and individuals alike shell out to get trained on it. Heck, there are gurus who make a living by speaking and creating information products on “speaking and presenting better” every year! But I’m digressing here. I believe the […]

  • Coaching and communicating with assumptions

    While I have discussed “the map isn’t the territory” before, I haven’t really dwelled into the other two important aspects of coaching that I absolutely swear by. NLP practitioners across the board would call these principles “pre-suppositions.” A pre-supposition is basically an assumption purely for convenience’s sake and that’s perhaps my biggest disagreement because I […]

  • Connecting with others takes energy… a lot of it!

    You know most people prefer to “wing-it” on stage? Yeah, I know they’d like to stick with their natural style but you and I know that just BS. They prefer winging it because it’s far more draining for a speaker/presenter/communicator/trainer to take the time to know the audience. Think about the possible questions you will […]