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Whatever you say, you will be misunderstood

That’s like a general rule of communication most of us, including the experts, don’t acknowledge. And irrespective of how good a communicator you are, making an effort to be understood is critical to avoid the typical “failure to communicate” scenarios. When it comes to aspects of communication, I’ve learned a great bit from teacher and […]

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The one thing you can’t screw up at the workplace…

Communication, what else? Ironically, it’s possibly the default aspect that we break at all times. Not because it is hard, we just make it for ourselves. Thanks to our desire to stay in-the-know at all times. And although communication breakdowns happen in organisations of all sizes, it’s the most prevalent in smaller organisations. I believe […]

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Governance always starts with better communication

India’s in splits as the new Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) and National Registry of Citizens (NRC) officially takes its place in our legislation. Most people are either anxious, confused, and angered by this nationalist (Hindutva) agenda. And of course, we do have our share of supporters and opposition to this bill. It’s complicated. It’s messy […]