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Creating change with generosity

It’s a well acknowledged notion that you’ve got to be in the right position or know someone who is, to exact change. I think those factors are useful and might help but aren’t the only ones influencing change. There’s more to it. Years ago, I was hired by a corporate client for a long-term copywriting […]

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People are more generous that we think

If you’re shaking your head, hear me out. I wasn’t the to believe that myself until I met a few who changed my perspective. More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to interview people for my podcast (to be launched on the 1st of November) where they shared some of their most personal stories during and […]

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Generosity isn’t a strategy

The list of people who create content daily is much smaller than the ones who create content often. The former lot may/may not show up higher in search rankings the rankings. Some may not show up at all. And that’s totally okay for the majority of them as their livelihoods aren’t dependent on the content […]