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  • Are you willing to wear your white belt?

    As a practising martial artist, I couldn’t help but love this story that Tim Ferriss put out recently. It’s from George Leonard’s book, Mastery, a must-read if the subject interests you. More so if you’re a professional coach or a martial arts practitioner. When Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, was quite old and close to […]

  • I get knocked out but I get up again…

    Participating in ADCC India Nationals 2020 wasn’t just memorable but also quite a leap by all standards. It was one of my first sporting competitions in years and besides all that preparation certainly helped me expand my skills as a jiu-jitsu practitioners to the next level. I think I learned more about the art in […]

  • The historian, reporter, and the futurist

    They’re all fine professionals. And would you believe we all have a version of each living inside of our minds? Let me explain. The historian is high on context, age-old facts, and data to help you with decisions. (Ring a bell?) It’s also the one that constantly tells you what or how to respond to […]

  • Just give it some time

    After every rolling session I’ve had in the past few months (since I’ve gotten back into BJJ) I get into this weird zone of self-doubt. Am I good enough? What’s the point of being so strong and yet not technically proficient? Why am I even doing this? Thankfully, I the know the answer to the […]

  • A global crises doesn’t have to be your crises

    Can you count the times any of the previous world-wide crises’ has had a direct impact on you or your business? Notice I used the word “impact,” not just affect. If your answer is minimal or barely or a variant thereof, thanks for your honestly. Because the majority of the people would treat a global […]

  • Execution is all that matters

    You and I know ideas are dime a dozen. Yet I’m amazed at the value that’s placed on ‘great ideas.’ Not that anything’s wrong with it but I believe there’s a time and place for ideas, which if dragged on forever have the potential to become far-fetched dreams. Simply because everyone was busy ideating instead […]

  • It really is all in the mind

    So a bunch of friends and I decided to do a short 2-hour hike this morning. It was sort of steep, climbing to an elevation of 8,300 feet (approximately) is simple compared to the much arduous treks in India. This wasn’t a trek as most of my friends believed it to be — there’s a […]

  • Sometimes taking the matters in your own hands could be your best move

    I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for over 3 months now — thankfully for different injuries. The latest is tricep tendonitis I developed, ironically, while squatting heavy instead of the usual suspects — the bench and barbell overhead press! Now, getting an appointment at the rehab center is hard and the best I manage is a […]

  • Here’s some feedback on feedback

    I’m big on giving and receiving feedback. But only the ones that are genuine and actually helps the other person get better. Now, I know what you’re thinking — “Sunil, there’s something to gain from all or any feedback that’s shared with you.” With great love and respect, I disagree. The challenge with most “constructive” […]

  • You need to diversify

    Not just your investments, you career too. If you’re employed somewhere. Great! Get a side-hustle. And this is particularly important if you’re slogging 14-hour-workdays and don’t see yourself working for this very firm 5 years from now. I know what you’re thinking… “how the hell am I suppose to find time for this?” I hear […]