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  • Positioning and growth

    Humans naturally aspire to grow, develop, and evolve. Yes, there are anomalies but in general, seeking growth is an integral part of who we are and what we do. Here’s the trickiest part of growth — it’s hard to measure it yourself. At least not accurately. A person’s development is usually acknowledged and recognized by […]

  • How to make it big after getting fired…

    I’ve been fired twice over a span of 16+ years. And finding another job has been least of my problems. Here’s why — I don’t ever assume that things are going to get better at my next job. I know that I’ll have to prove myself to be a worthy contender among the hundred others […]

  • 90% of coaching is self-coaching… but someone has to help them explore!

    The other day Seth Godin shared a compelling post on why all motivation is self-motivation. And he’s so damn right, as usual, to say that. Motivation is an intent to take action by own our volition. Anything else is just coercion. But here’s one great problem — the post might’ve send wrong signals despite Seth’s […]

  • Growth is a continuum, not an event

    Despite my nature, I play it safe. Almost all the time. Especially when things are new to me and I want to be absolutely sure I’m following the right process, learning from the mistakes and doing a good job overall. And I keep at it until it becomes second-nature to me. I start to play […]

  • You can’t grow your business without this

    I’ve had the fortune of building a business from the ground up twice. Because both were my own businesses, the process was much simpler. I knew the target audience, their wants, needs and most importantly the pain point I wanted to solve. The ventures, however, were a flop because I didn’t have enough hands (and […]