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  • How do you get up?

    Diego Hypólito is a gymnast who represented Brazil in three Olympics: 2008, 2012 and 2016. He was Brazil’s biggest hope at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 for the Floor Exercise, having won the 2005 and 2007 World Cups. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it in 2008. He didn’t give up though, kept working on himself to […]

  • Don’t explain it, embody it

    I think we waste most of our time rationalising our philosophy instead of living it. This is true with the new batch of stoics that are cropping up everywhere, thanks to Tim Ferris, Ryan Holiday, and others who have popularised the philosophy as an “operating system for life.” That’s not a bad thing at all! […]

  • Do the reviews even matter?

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about reviews in general. Hear me out: I don’t know of a single creative person (writer, artist, director etc.) who has said the Amazon/IMDB/media reviews or other random people’s opinions have made them great at what they do. I haven’t met a single high-performing employee/team member/professional confessing that the quarter/half-yearly/annual […]

  • Why not make performance parameters transparent?

    Following my rant of CTC and how passionately I despise the term and the concept, I would be remiss if I didn’t express how I feel about “performance bonuses.” The component is one of the most highlighted and inaccurate figures in your compensation and benefits package. In almost all cases, performance bonuses are listed as […]

  • Credit and recognition is over-rated

    Never been a fan of getting credit and recognition — it makes me uncomfortable for a simple reason that I ain’t no one-person island. Every little or big achievement I’ve had wouldn’t have been possible without those unsung heroes, be it my parents, classmates, peers, acquaintances, superiors, and even those with evil intentions.  Most people […]

  • Becoming the “go-to” player

    Every team’s got one. And I used to be one back in my teens while playing cricket with my friends. I was good — enough to make it to the school’s cricket team and to be the first person picked when teams get formed* right before we commence our session in the neighbourhood playground. That […]

  • Why calling “performance management” by some other name wouldn’t mean anything

    It’s the most ridiculous things I’ve heard this year — organizations trying redesign ‘performance management.’ The hope is to go beyond processes and models (or shiny tools) and focus on a new mindset with a new purpose. By all means, it’s a great thought. We ought to think about performance management from a new perspective […]

  • Your goals shouldn’t be at the mercy of reality

    Now, I don’t mean you can be unrealistic while setting goals (for yourself or your team). You shouldn’t, however, be fixated on the “reality of the situation” that you don’t even bother to stretch. And that’s precisely what I see most leaders, managers and team members do when times are tough or the company’s focus […]

  • When you’re too scared to ask questions

    As much as I would like leaders to be more compassionate and empathetic with their subordinates, I also would prefer the latter to have the courage, humility and discipline to follow through on their responsibilities as team players. That goes beyond their KRAs and KPIs. And if that requires one to call out on an […]

  • Bull’s eye!

    Eugen Herrigel was a German professor who taught Philosophy at Tohoku Imperial University in Sendai, Japan in the 1920s. He also studied the art of Japanese archery, Kyudo, hoping to explore and study Zen. Though Mr. Herrigel’s work doesn’t have anything to do with the art and science of coaching, at least directly, his book Zen in […]