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  • Do the opposite: the career edition

    If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right. Jerry Seinfeld Sure, it’s not ideal to take everything a comedian says seriously, but the punchline above (and the context in which Jerry said it) was an exception. And throughout my career, and later through the art and practice of […]

  • On referrals and rewards

    Almost any company I know runs a referral program to acquire the freshest and the best talent out there. The leadership (including the HR) always know referrals are so much better than hiring from outside in the long run. Yet, most referral policies suck. They aren’t simple and have way too many clauses any well-intentioned […]

  • One becoming a people’s person

    Becoming one isn’t for everyone. In fact, I think you either have it in you or don’t. Sure, you can take a couple of workshops on Emotional Intelligence but that’s just a temporary fix up. You will raise your level of self-awareness and/or perhaps learn a few techniques that you can apply to your people […]